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Kenshin The Beginning: Netflix Movie Ending Explained!

August 2, 2021

Watch Kenshin the Beginning ending explanation on Netflix!

Kenshin The Beginning is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Kenshin the beginning is an adaptation of Nobuhiro Watsuki’s Rurouni Kenshin manga. Before reaching Kamiya’s dojo, before taking up the inverted blade sword and calling himself a wanderer, Kenshin fought in the revolution against the shogunate. But most people didn’t know him as Kenshin. So he was the Battousai. He was the killer of men.

From the moment the viewer is reintroduced into Kenshin, it is immediately obvious that this is not the smiling hobo you’ve come to love. All the rumors about what Battousai was during the revolution are exposed to the viewer from the first moments of the film, in a brutal ferocity, bathed in chrism.

Anyone who knows the bloodiest animated series knows how much the psychic likes to emphasize wounds with too powerful blood currents. Kenshin the beginning fully embrace this aesthetic. And while the blood flows are usually ridiculous in anime, they are a bit more horrible in live action.

And if you’re worried that this movie will trade the show and the series’ sword fighting skill for blood, fear not. Because Kenshin, and all the other famous swordsmen who cross his path, are as impressive as ever. We tell you all about the end of Kenshin The Beginning !

kenshin the beginning and the end

Kenshin The Beginning ending explained!

Kenshin is later tricked into believing that she only seduced him to kill him, which is not true and leaves him discouraged. During a dramatic combat sequence, he is stabbed, beaten, broken. There is little hope for him at this time. Then there’s a streak of one-on-one combat that is graceful, despite the blood and violence.

Kenshin looks like he’s about to give up and get killed when Tomoe arrives and grabs his attacker. Of course, Kenshin is not ready to surrender and, by killing his enemy, he kills Tomoe, pinning her to the ground. While holding her back, Tomoe cuts her cheek, creating the “X” we all know, and tells her that she loves him on her last breath.

If the art of the saber remains memorable, it is not the central point of Kenshin the beginning. Rather, the film focuses on Kenshin’s struggle with the blood he spills in the name of the new age and his growing feelings for a woman named Tomoe. It is in this last point where most of the strongest and bittersweet moments of the film are concentrated. Kenshin and Tomoe’s ultimate ending is never in doubt, and watching them struggle throughout the film to get to that final moment is difficult and beautiful.

Every detail and every moment between the couple is delivered to perfection. Whether it’s the lighting, the cinematography, or the way Kenshin struggles to express his feelings. Everything is presented in a perfect way to attract you and make you part of the story unfolding in front of you.