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Jurassic World The Colo of the Cretaceous Season 3: Ending Explained!

May 26, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 3 of Jurassic World La Colo du Cretaceous on Netflix!

Jurassic World La Colo du Crétacé is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 3, keep reading! The campers survived an attack from the Scorpios Rex after learning that there are two of the original hybrid dinosaur monsters created by Dr. Henry Wu. With the help of Blue the Velociraptor, who reciprocated Darius by fighting the Scorpios Rex, the children made it out alive. when the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center was destroyed, killing both Scorpios Rexes.

Finally, the campers returned to the boat that originally belonged to the deceased big game hunters Mitch and Tiff, who threatened the Jurassic World dinosaurs in season 2 of Camp Cretaceous. But the teens’ attempt to get away from Isla Nublar was interrupted by the arrival of mercenaries hired by David Mills to extract Indominus Rex DNA from the Mosasaurus lagoon. If you want to know when season 4 will be released, read this.

Explanation of the end of season 3 of Jurassic World on Netflix!

Fearing the effect that Wu could have on the world if he manages to find these pictures. Darius, Yaz, and Brooklyn break into the lab to find the laptop first. They succeed, but Brooklyn is captured by the mercenaries and forces the group to leave without her.

To Jurassic World La Colo du Crétacé season 3 finale, the group races to save Brooklyn. Kenji begs for the return of the laptop and the satisfaction of saving his friend. But the rest of the group buy time to duplicate the data on a USB stick that Sammy finds in the ruins of a building. The group succeeds and prepares a rescue plan for Brooklyn, which is turned upside down by Kenji who flees towards the mercenaries with the laptop.

The rest of the group stick to their original plan and manage to save Brooklyn while ensuring that the laptop is destroyed in a stampede. Dr. Wu and his last mercenaries narrowly escape in his helicopter. When the teens return to the boat, they take the USB drive containing evidence with them to present to the world what Wu was working on.

jurassic world season 3 finale

They set sail and escape the island relatively unscathed, except for Sammy, who approaches death when confronted by the poisonous spines of the Scorpius Rex. However, the final conflict ends up having a great impact on the group. Faced with death for the first time during Sammy’s poisoning, Kenji is furious that Darius and the rest of the group are willing to risk Brooklyn’s life to try to obtain information. Although Brooklyn asked the group to leave her early on, it appears that the bond between the teens has been broken, and the hard-won trust between Darius and Kenji is particularly damaged.

With the group finally escaping the island, the future could become even more complex as they will have to deal with how the rest of the world perceives them, probably believing that the teenagers are dead within six months of the end of. Jurassic World.