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Jupiter’s Legacy: What You Need to Know About the Next Netflix Original

May 4, 2021

The new series is an adaptation of a comic written by Mark Millar (Kingsman, Kick-Ass) and Franck Quitely (We3). The comics were published several years ago but they never caught the attention of Hollywood producers …

Jupiter’s Legacy will stage the daily lives of the children of several superheroes who will have to take over from their parents when they really do not want to have this responsibility.

The comic was released in 2013 and the story takes place in the real world, right in the middle of President Obama’s second term. The protagonists of the story are therefore millennials who did not really have an education since their parents were too busy saving the world.

In addition to family dysfunctions, many other topics will be discussed. Socio-economic differences and the effectiveness of government policies will play an important role in the plot of the series.

A kind of comparison will be made between the youth of the 1920s and that of our time. A hundred years ago, young people had faith in the system, while now those hopes have been replaced by despair, discontent and cynicism. How will this new generation evolve?

The first season of Jupiter’s Legacy will be released on Friday, May 7, 2021 exclusively on Netflix. There will only be eight episodes, so try not to see everything in one night …

Until the end of the week, we highly recommend that you try The Boys (available on Prime Video), which is probably one of the best superhero series we’ve seen so far.

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