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Joey King revealed in The Kissing Booth 4 (Netflix)

August 18, 2021

The lead actress of The Kissing Booth 3 finally opened up about a possible sequel and gave her opinion in all sincerity during a interview with the New York Times. Joey King is a young woman of only 22 years old with an extraordinary career.

By landing the lead role in The Kissing Booth trilogy, the actress became extremely popular. The interpreter of Elle began by reviewing her debut as an actress: ” I started these films when I was 17 years old (…) We hoped that people would like it, if someone saw it ”. We were far from imagining the impact this would have. I never got tired of playing Elle. It’s so funny “.

He then disappointed many fans by confirming that unfortunately there won’t be a fourth movie: ” Seeing that this story ends so well, (…) I think it would be a bit difficult to come back after that. We did this ending exactly how I think it should be.

Although Joey King has announced that he would like to reprise the character that made him famous, it will probably never be possible. Netflix has confirmed that there will be no The Kissing Booth 4. In particular because the actor who plays Noah (Jacob Elordi) has announced that he will never reprise his role …

Rest assured, you will soon be able to find Joey King on your screens. The latter has a very busy schedule. Here are the films where it will be present in 2021: Bullet Train, The Intermission, The Princess and the Ugly. Joey King also plans to star in three series: A spark of light, calls (US), Backyards and bullets.