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Into the Beat: Netflix movie ending explained!

April 19, 2021

Check out the explanation of the ending of Into the Beat on Netflix! Is Katya following her new passion?

Into the Beat is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Throughout the Netflix movie, Katya finds herself in conflict between her family heritage and her newfound passion for hip hop dance. Add to that the fact that you’ve fallen madly in love with your dance partner Marlon, the main character is in a whirlwind of good times and bad.

As in many films that follow this type of dance, the main character has to make a decision. And in this case, it’s a question of whether he continues the family legacy of ballet or whether he’s auditioning for the Tigers, a hip-hop group gearing up to go on tour. Decisions decisions. We tell you all about the end of Into the Beat !

at the end of the beat

Explanation of the ending of Into the Beat?

To the Into the Beat ending, as the duo Alien and Stargirl prepare body and soul for the audition of the Tigers. Feli reveals that a parent’s signature is required to validate the audition form. Katya will seek to imitate the firm herself, but as a desperately virtuous girl, she doesn’t dare to do so. She cancels the audition and Marlon looks very upset. Katya’s father, a famous ballet dancer, seems to regard break dancing as a minor art and tries to dissuade Katya from going to the audition.

Katya has devoted 15 years of her little life to ballet, but when she meets the group of street dancers, a fascinating world awaits her. While he seems to have found his calling in hip-hop dance, not even his father can stop him from achieving his goals. Victor gives in to his daughter’s indomitable spirit and signs the form. Then he goes to audition and seems impressed with the duo’s performance.

In the rythm ends smoothly. Katya and Marlon audition. Katya’s dad looks, the main character mixes her ballet experience with her new hip hop dance skills, resulting in a great routine with her and Marlon. Later, Marlon and Katya find out that they have been admitted to Los Tigres.