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Inside Job Part 1: Explanation of the ending! Rand and Reagan, etc.

October 28, 2021

Check out the explanation for the ending of Part 1 of Inside Job on Netflix!

Inside Job is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation at the end of Part 1, keep reading! If the Deep State were real, what would it be like? And who would be the shadow elites that pull the strings? Netflix’s new adult animated series, Internal work, is here to answer these questions and many more. To find out when Part 2 will be released, read this.

Internal work landed on Netflix on Friday, October 22, but you’ve probably already seen this addictive new animated series. If so, you may be looking for answers to some of the most important questions in the season 1 and the real meaning of its ending. Luckily for you, we have the answers!

What are Rand’s motivations?

Neither Reagan nor Rand remember Bear-o’s shutdown code, so they improvise a way to get into Reagan’s brain by collecting parts of Rand’s old Inception helmet and then dipping into a tub of Magic Myc psychedelic juice.

In Reagan’s repressed memories, he discovers that Rand used the same helmet to erase his memories of Orrin Carthwait, his only childhood friend, in order to maximize Reagan’s potential: Rand’s personal insurance policy for still having the control of Cognito Inc.

This is Inside Job’s biggest twist as it reveals Rand’s true selfish motives, using Reagan’s genius for personal gain, even if it means annihilating Reagan’s only true childhood friend, at the risk of dying. ‘Damage your daughter’s brain.’ In fact, this twist reveals the deep roots of Reagan and Rand’s toxic relationship as father and daughter.

Even if they manage to retrieve the arrest code from Reagan’s memory, which turns out to be “Orrin,” the victory over Bear-o is short-lived. Reagan immediately follows her, who practically banishes Rand, not only from Cognito Inc., but from her life as well. However, as the ending reveals, getting rid of Rand Ridley isn’t that easy.

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Explanation of the end of Part 1 of Inside Job

WeatherInternal work Using a classic ending twist in which the protagonist’s mentor or authority figure is revealed to be the true villain early on, Rand’s rise to CEO introduces an interesting new supervillain and a new conundrum that Reagan must face and solve.

Which also means that you can no longer put family problems aside to work as the two have become the same. While Inside Job’s catchphrase is its colorful team of experts working to keep the Deep State conspiracies going, this is truly a woman’s journey to confront and potentially free herself from the shadows of her abusive father, who won’t stop. at nothing to keep Reagan under his control. Direct control.

At the same time, Reagan’s vision of using Cognito Inc. to help people rather than profit from it, which contradicts the company’s core directive to profit from conspiracies, takes a new and somewhat unique turn in the world. concept of the beloved antihero.

Soon, Internal work manages to use black humor, science fiction and all possible conspiracies to tell an emotionally complex story about family, business succession and political espionage. And its final suspense perfectly prepares the continuation of this story in Part 2 of Inside Job. For now, it remains to be seen whether the Netflix animated series can maintain the momentum of its increasingly complex story in its upcoming season.