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Innocent Season 1: Ending Explained! Cassette 27, Olivia, Mat, etc.

May 2, 2021

Check out the Innocent Season 1 ending explanation on Netflix! Mat is a murderer? Who is dead ?

Innocent is available on Netflix ! If you want to know everything about him end of season 1, keep reading! A few years ago, Netflix struck a deal with author Harlan Coben to adapt several of his novels. What we did not expect from this agreement was that the adaptations would be made in several different countries. To know everything about the launch of a season 2, read this.

Innocent is the latest adaptation of Coben. He moves the action from the United States to Spain, without losing any of the elements of the story that made the novel so successful 16 years ago. To get the book that inspires the series, Click here. Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here. If you have any questions about the Innocent season 1 finale, keep reading!

Innocent ending explanation of season 1

Jamie, who is a doctor, sees Mat in his clinic and his hatred for the young man is rekindled. When she finds out from Olivia’s doctor that she is pregnant, she cannot help but think that her son will not be able to live those moments. He begins to follow Mat and Olivia and soon realizes that Olivia has her own secrets. When he sees Gallardo killing Emma / María, he approaches Gallardo and Sáez and reveals to them where Olivia / Candance is.

Eager to destroy Mat completely, Jaime lashes out at his wife. The fateful call she receives is from Gallardo, who claims to represent Paula’s adoptive parents. They tell her that Paula needs a kidney transplant and ask for all her savings to establish the connection between her and Paula’s adoptive parents. The video sent to Mat, suggesting that Olivia is having an affair, is also part of Jaime’s plans.

Jaime collects Mat’s fingerprints from Mat’s car. After killing Gallardo and Sáez, he leaves Mat’s fingerprints on the gun, implicating him in the murders. He also pays Roberto to speak to the media and claims that he knows that Mat killed Romero. Help Jaime create a public perception of Mat that implies that he is capable of anything he is accused of. Jaime almost achieves the revenge he wants, but Mat is finally saved thanks to Sonia’s willingness to forgive him.

Is Olivia alive?

Fortunately, the bullet only wounded Olivia, and it also missed her and Mat’s fetus. Finally, the couple is reunited and they no longer have secrets between them. Mat knows that Olivia was previously Anibal’s dancer and sex worker, and that she had a daughter that she adopted. What if Olivia already knew that Mat had no intention of killing Dani, the man whose accidental death was sentenced to four years in prison? He finally promised him that he, too, was innocent of the murder of a fellow inmate while incarcerated.

What’s in cassette 27?

As Olivia finds out, the person on tape 27 is actually Aguilar, whom UCG sent by the way to retrieve the tapes. The agency concluded that if the tapes were released, they would destabilize the country. Aguilar claims that he is no longer the monster he used to be. But he continues to kill and torture for tapes and blame others for his actions. When Lorena corners him and confiscates the tapes, he kills himself, not wanting to be there when his wife and daughter learn of his atrocities.

Finally, the tapes landed in Lorena’s hands. Colonel Prieto, Aguilar’s boss, demanded them, but Lorena refused to hand them over and gave them to her own boss as evidence. An excellent career choice, as the resolution of the case earned Lorena a promotion to Innocent season 1 finale.

innocent season 1 finale

Is Mat innocent?

No, Mat is not completely innocent. None of the main characters are. They all try to leave their dark past behind. While Dani’s death a few years earlier was an accident, the Innocent season 1 finale reveals what really happened to Mat in prison. Threatened by the intern Jaime hired, Mat defended himself. After a fight, he ran away from his attacker, but when the attacker attacked him again, Mat threw the inmate through the prison gates, until death ensued.