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Hypnotic: Netflix movie ending explained!

October 27, 2021

Watch the explanation of the ending of Hypnotic on Netflix!

Hypnotic is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about him end of hypnotic, keep reading! Hypnotic from Netflix is a psychological thriller about a woman who seeks the help of a hypnotherapist to overcome her fears. Very quickly, Jenn discovers that the therapy is having strange and sinister effects on her, which seem to be related to a series of mysterious deaths.

Suspicious of his doctor, but unable to reveal his motives or methods, he desperately tries to reject a feeling of impending doom, even as he begins to realize that he is not in control of his mind.

Jenn finally recovers? Or will it end up being one more unsolved death? And what is happening with Dr. Meade? The movie and its impressive ending may have left you with a few questions, so here are the questions. end of hypnotic !

Explanation of the ending of Hypnotic!

Detective Rollins and Jenn know that Dr. Meade is responsible for the deaths of Gina and Andrea. But they have no way to prove it. Dr. Meade breaks into Jenn’s house, hypnotizes her, and forces her to attack Detective Rollins. Rollins lands in the hospital and Jenn decides to try counter-hypnosis with a non-malignant therapist in an attempt to recall any information that may help them corner Dr. Meade.

During her counter-hypnosis, Jenn remembers the name “Xavier Sullivan”, an address and a bracelet that Dr. Meade gave her that has the date “March 6” engraved on it. Hey, it’s today! Jenn decides to go directing on her own, because people in horror movies are that stupid. But first, the gentle therapist places a “counter-trigger” in an attempt to offer him some protection from Dr. Meade.

Jenn goes to the address on her mind, expecting to meet Xavier Sullivan. According to a dialogue from the exhibition, Xavier Sullivan is a hypnotist who worked on a CIA project in the 1960s to implant false memories in people’s brains.

hypnotic ending

Surprised, when Jenn arrives at the address, she discovers that it is a trap. This is the home of Dr. Meade and Xavier was his father. Dr. Meaded has targeted Jenn because she bears a striking resemblance to his late wife. During hypnosis sessions, Meade gifted Jenn with memories of his late wife, hoping to replace her. March 6 is Meade’s wedding anniversary. Sure !

Detective Rollins goes to save Jenn, but sends reinforcements to the wrong place. The three of them have a confrontation in the house. Jenn, dizzy and still under hypnosis, points a gun at Meade and Rollins and pulls the trigger. When he wakes up, he is in the arms of Rollins, who tells him that he shot Meade and that it was all over. “I promise you, my love,” he said.

The phrase “my love” was the trigger for Jenn’s counter-hypnosis by the other kind therapist. Jenn wakes up to realize that she is actually in Meade’s arms and that she accidentally shot Rollins. Jenn manages to overpower Meade, knock him down, and take Rollins to the hospital. Finally, Jenna shoots Dr. Meade several times and falls into her chair.

He will almost certainly be dead, and should he survive, there is now enough evidence to keep the Doctor in jail for many years. Sadly, Detective Rollins is also shot to death on the floor of Dr. Meade’s home. The final scene of the film, which takes place a month later, reveals that the detective is alive and has been promoted, apparently for his insidious job of hypnotherapist apprehension.

The rest of the movie shows Jenn returning to her normal life. To end of hypnotic, Rollins gives Jenn a parting gift: a self-hypnosis CD. What a joker! This is how the movie ends.