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How To Sell Drugs Online Fast Season 3: Final Explanation!

July 28, 2021

Watch the Season 3 finale explanation of how to sell meds online fast on Netflix!

How to sell medicines online is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 3, keep reading! There are still some details to be resolved and some burning questions after “Everyone has a second chance.” But the series lives up to its title.

It remains to be seen what the various teenage characters will do with this second chance, and it’s probably a story worth speculating on rather than watching in a fourth season. This outing raised the stakes, deepened relationships, and brought a lot of drama, so let’s take a look at what happened. here it is How To Sell Drugs Online Finish Season 3 Fast On Netflix!

How To Sell Drugs Online Finish Season 3 Fast On Netflix!

The three soon find themselves captured by the Dutch and prisoners in one of the empty rooms of their high school. However, Kira and Fritzi sneak away and save the boys, soon finding Maarten hostage as the high school boys decide whether or not to kill him.

Eventually, Moritz claims that he intends to do business with Maarten, and all of his friends leave, disgusted. He then frees Maarten before calling the CID police officer to surrender. Moritz is quickly taken into custody and we see that he is given a laptop in prison. He uses it for Skype with his friends Lenny, Lisa, Gerda, Dan, and Fritzi, who all seem happy to see him. The person behind the camera is finally revealed to be Lisa, who appears to be in charge of the documentary.

So it looks like Moritz gets caught in the end, but on his own terms. We see him give up, put on his sunglasses, and even smile when stopped by the police. It seems to fit his fantasy of finally becoming the famous icon he always wanted to be.

A mysterious call you receive in the end of season 3 tells him that his interlocutor intends to help him escape from prison very soon, which does not seem to bother Moritz. The identity of the caller is still a secret, but it is most likely Lenny, who is on the other end of the line. The mysterious voice on the phone looks a lot like Lenny’s in an earlier scene where the tech genius helps his friend hack into the prison laptop on the internet.

After a particularly tumultuous romantic season, it appears that Lisa and Moritz are, for the moment, separated. Lisa is now in Berlin studying journalism while her ex-boyfriend is in prison. His brief affair with the field supervisor, of whom Moritz was extremely jealous, seems to have effectively ended.

Therefore, all hope of a romance between Lisa and Moritz is not lost, but as of now, they are not together.

how to sell drugs online fast season 3 finale

Is MyDrugs closed?

Although it appears that all forms of the online drug market ended once Moritz was in prison, we find that the Albanians and Maarten are running a very similar drug shipment operation, who appear to have joined forces.

Considering that Moritz has internet access in prison, and the aforementioned Albanians and Maarten lack the technical capabilities to run a sophisticated online drug portal, it seems our relentless drug businessman is once again running a version of MyDrugs. online from prison.

It would also explain the increase in his bitcoin balance, since part of the money from the sale of drugs will also go to his father, who hides the wads of cash in a kitchen jar.