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How does Shameless end? Does the series finale live up to our expectations?

August 15, 2021

The drama series directed by John Wells has been telling us for several years the story of a completely dysfunctional American family. His mother has never been around and his father is an alcoholic who thinks only of himself and doesn’t care about his six children (except when he can use them, of course).

Shameless describes the life of an American family that lives below the poverty line and is willing to do anything to get ahead. The fiction has been so successful that it is currently the longest-running series on the American channel Showtime. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and the final episode of Shameless Season 11 aired in April 2021.

Shameless Season 11: How does the series end?

The last episode is titled “Father Frank, Full of Grace.” As a reminder, Frank had attempted suicide in the previous episode by overdosing. We witness, therefore, a somewhat surreal scene in which the fictional hero is left for dead on his sofa while only his youngest son (Liam) cares for him.

Ultimately, the indestructible Frank Gallagher will be struck down by the coronavirus. The latter had left a letter to his children where he reveals his true feelings for the first time in the series. Therefore, Franck will remind Lip that he is a very smart man, but that he will never allow himself to be successful until he solves his emotional problems.

He will reveal to Ian that he does not understand how he can be the father of a person with such a sense of ethics. Father Gallagher couldn’t help but give Carl a little trick for the profession he decided to do. He will also have some kind words towards Liam, but unfortunately he will not mention Fiona at any point.

We would really have appreciated if you felt gratitude and some remorse for your oldest daughter who raised all of her children without anyone’s help!

Shameless season 11: the ending leaves many questions unanswered

The series finally ends with a pretty satisfying ending. Frank’s death hardly affected his family, since in their eyes he was already dead. Therefore, his passing in the last episode is a perfect conclusion. It symbolizes the Gallagher children finally breaking free from their father’s toxic influence.

However, the series left many questions unanswered. Will Lip be able to sell the house that is still in Fiona’s name? How will Liam, who has now lost both parents, turn out? Lip has offered to live with him, but knowing that he’s already having a hard time raising a child, how is he going to cope?

We also see that Ian wants to adopt a baby. It is very possible that he will adopt Tami and Lip’s second child. We already know that Debbie always ends up making bad decisions. So will she decide to go to Texas?

So the series is definitely over, but we’re not immune from a multi-year comeback (a bit like Dexter). So we could discover Gallagher’s new life after the death of his father. Fiona might even come back. At the moment it is not in the plans of the actress but who knows, she could change her mind.