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Haseen Dillruba: Netflix Movie Ending Explained! Rishabhn, Neel, etc.

July 3, 2021

Watch Haseen Dillruba’s ending explanation on Netflix! Severed hand, who is really dead?

Haseen Dillruba is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Directed by Vinil Mathew, Haseen Dillruba is possibly a bigger blemish on star Taapsee Pannu’s post-Pink career than Judwaa 2. We knew what we were getting into with this movie, but Haseen Dillruba has the gall to promise something more significant, under the guise of emotion, aspires to prestige.

A tumultuous marriage becomes the central point of the story, with husband and wife making ever more drastic efforts to save their relationship, if it can be called that. Severed hands, explosions and the weapon of an elusive murder complete this chaotic love story that seems too fantastic to be true. If you have any questions about the end of Haseen Dillruba, keep reading!

Explanation of the end of Haseen Dillruba

To end of Haseen Dillruba, the couple later hatch a plan to fake Rishabh’s death. However, for the plan to work, your hand must be cut off and left at the blast site. Rani then feeds the leg of lamb, the murder weapon, to the stray dogs outside the house as food while Rishabh escapes from behind and dives into the river.

We then see Neel in the river, bleeding profusely and drowning. However, in the end of Haseen DillrubaAs Rani walks alone on the platform of a station, she suddenly appears at her side. Thus it seems that the couple, overcoming insurmountable obstacles, finally meet again and get rid of this disgusting Neel who has tormented them on several occasions because of Rani’s past infidelity.

has seen the end of dillruba

Fortunately, despite her injury, Rishabh survives. We confirm that this is indeed the real Rishabh and not the figment of his wife’s imagination when we see the left sleeve of his shirt, hanging where his hand would have been. As Rishabh’s hand has still been cut off, we can be sure that the husband survived the injury, which was part of a plan he himself devised, based on a detective story by Dinesh Pandit.

The only recognizable body part found in the scene is Rishabh’s severed hand, which has a prominent tattoo of Rani’s name. Therefore, Rishabh is considered dead, Neel is eliminated, and the pair can be secretly reunited. By cutting off his hand, Rishabh can essentially pass off Neel’s corpse as her own and save his wife from going to jail for murder.