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Hanna: Criticism and explanation of the end of the film!

August 6, 2021

Check out the review and detailed explanation of Hanna’s ending on Netflix!

Hanna is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the ending, keep reading! A teenage girl goes out into the world for the first time and must fight for her life. Director Joe Wright weaves elements of dark fairy tales into the adventure thriller Hanna, filmed in Europe and Morocco.

Hanna at the age of 16. She is bright, curious and is a dedicated girl. She has the strength, stamina and intelligence of a soldier, which she owes to her father Erik, a former CIA, who raised her in the desert of northern Finland. Erik learned to Hanna To hunt, he made her do extreme self-defense exercises and homeschooled her with just an encyclopedia and a book of fairy tales.

Hanna lived a life unlike any other teenager. Her education and training were one and the same, with the goal of making her the perfect assassin. But in the world, there are unfinished business for Hanna’s family, and it is with a mixture of pride and fear that Erik realizes that his daughter can no longer be held. If you have any questions about the Hanna movie, we tell you everything!

Hanna movie explained!

Marissa, the head of the CIA, is essentially a mean stepmother. The reason why he hates and fears Hanna and Erik is suggested in various ways, but it comes down to this. The father and daughter pose such a threat to American security that millions of dollars are voluntarily spent to capture and neutralize them.

Seth Lochhead and David Farr are doing something else that is effective. They introduce an element of reality. There are still too many action movies at the same level of violent fantasy. Here, he arranges for Hanna to meet a common British family on vacation. There is a girl named Sophie, who must be the first girl her age that Hanna meets. In fact, this is her first meeting with a family, and all of this is strange and unfamiliar. Contact with reality highlights the uniqueness of your life.

hanna explanation movie

Cate Blanchett looks strange. He leaves little humanity in his Marissa; She is as nice as Ilsa, the SS wolf. Perhaps it is wise. A more human Marissa would introduce shades that might not fit. His job is to command his subordinates and focus on capturing the father and daughter. A bedroom in which Hanna is held for a while playfully reminds us of the James Bond convention in which an extraordinary captive demands an extraordinary cell, apparently built at great cost for the occasion.

Hanna it’s a good, solid movie. It is based on stylistic order and discipline, a clear story, and clever action sequences. It’s not just about bumps and flashes. Saoirse Ronan takes on a difficult role and plays it with as much confidence as in “Atonement,” where she played a very different character. To see a movie like this is to better understand the blind confusion of a movie like “Battle: Los Angeles.”