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Halloween Netflix: Explanation of the ending! Is Michael Myers dead?

October 28, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of the Halloween movie released in 2018 on Netflix! Spoilers!

Halloween is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! After 10 movies, we should know how it’s going to go. It appears that they are killing Michael Myers, but Michael Myers survives and returns to kill again. But, the latest reboot of the movies. Hallowe’en It effectively erases the existence of everything but the original 1978 movie. To find out when Halloween 2 will be released on Netflix, read this.

Michael Myers has been in prison for 40 years, Laurie Strode is not his sister and he has fortified their home to prevent his eventual return. If you want to know what Michael looks like under his mask, read this. Otherwise, if you are looking for answers about the end of Halloween on Netflix, we tell you everything!

Explanation of the end of Halloween!

the end of halloween 2018 begins when police officer Frank Hawkins crosses paths with Michael Myers and runs him over with his patrol car. While inspecting the body, his partner, Dr. Ranbir Sartain, attacks: After years of studying Michael in captivity, the psychiatrist wants to study the killer in the wild.

Sartain kills Hawkins, puts Michael in the police car with Allyson and goes to Laurie’s house. Michael climbs onto Sartain and walks home unsupervised. At home, Laurie hides Karen in her basement and tries to lock up an invading Michael.

Finally she emerges from the shadows, they fight, then she falls from the balcony to the ground, disappearing unseen. Allyson arrives at the house and Michael changes targets, breaking into the basement to attack her and her mother. Strode’s three generations fight back and Laurie sets her real trap for him: the basement is a cage for Michael, the house a bomb about to explode.

The three women escape when the house catches fire, although a cup in the basement shows no sign of Michael. Halloween 2018 It ends with Laurie and her family hitchhiking in a truck quietly recovering from this ordeal.

halloween netflix ending

Michael Myers, is he alive?

The big question intentionally left by the end of halloween 2018 is whether or not Michael Myers is really dead. The last time we see him, Michael is trapped in the cage when Laurie’s house starts to burn.

However, when the movie returns to the flames, the room seems empty. Has he escaped? There’s no idea how, but the movie doesn’t stop suggesting that he’s not where he was grimly still moments before.

Things get even darker at the end of the credits, where we hear Michael’s heavy, unmistakable breathing. It may be a simple mood effect, but in the mind of the post-credits scenes it seems like a huge clue that he survived. And this is also the case, Halloween 2 called Halloween Kills is currently in theaters and is the second part of a trilogy. If you want to know the rest of the story you will have to go to the dark rooms, or wait for Netflix!