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Good on paper: Explanation of the ending! Who is Dennis really?

June 23, 2021

Check out the explanation of the end of good on paper on Netflix! Dennis, deleted scenes, etc.

Good on Paper is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the movie, keep reading! Don’t believe everything you hear, especially when the person telling you is a stranger sitting next to you on an airplane claiming to be dating a mannequin.

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger learns this lesson the hard way in her new Netflix movie, Good On Paper, which tells the story of a comedian named Andrea who hooks up with a guy named Dennis who claims to be a successful Yale graduate. But it doesn’t take long for Andrea to begin to suspect that Ryan is not the man he claims to be.

Shlesinger fans may recognize the premise of the song “Brian the Liar” by its stand-up number. Today, this passage is a complete movie, starring Margaret Cho, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Matt McGorry. Good on Paper is sure to make you laugh in the middle of the week! If you have finished the movie and you want to know the explanation of the ending of Good On Paper, keep reading!

What do the standing scenes in the middle of the movie mean?

The deleted scenes show comedian Iliza Shlesinger performing in front of an audience. The actress is the author of “Good on Paper” and also plays the lead role of Andrea. So the jokes you tell alongside the movie’s story are likely the comic material that you ultimately based your movie on.

In these cutscenes, Iliza describes hypothetical situations, which are then seen to occur in the film’s characters, giving each of her jokes good mileage and the opportunity to be explored from different angles.

good on the paper flap

Explanation of the ending of Good On Paper!

Andrea and Margot come up with a plan to get Dennis drunk and confess, which turns out to be too effective. They rushed to drop Dennis completely drunk and tie him to a chair, not before accidentally injuring him at Margot’s basement door. Upon awakening, Andrea is confronted by Dennis, who admits to being a simple bank assistant who only lied to impress him. Andrea, mortified, ends their relationship but is soon arrested for kidnapping and hurting Dennis.

Dennis, an avenger, then starts a legal battle against Andrea, increasingly fierce, for having kidnapped and injured him. The actress admits her flaws but points out that Dennis is as pathetic as she is for constantly hiding who he is. At the end of Good On Paper, Andrea receives a restraining order, which she willingly accepts. He also uses the money he makes from the sale of Dennis’s promise ring to buy the billboard he always wanted to see himself on. In it, she announces that Dennis is a liar alongside a photo of him.

So it seems that Andrea, despite being single again, got the billboard she always wanted. However, what happened to the mystery man on the panel? The last I heard is that Dennis’s roommate Maggie says she disappeared from their shared house a few weeks ago, leaving all her things behind. Like Andrea, we also know very little about Dennis Kelly, and he seems to have disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared.

Dennis, throughout the film, portrays himself as an accomplished liar and a convincing actor, allowing him to repeatedly manipulate Andrea into believing him. He will undoubtedly use his talents to forge a completely new character for himself. His last words to the frustrated actress, namely that he hopes to meet her in more favorable circumstances, could indicate that he plans to cross paths with Andrea again in the future in another way.