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Good Girls Season 5: Has Netflix already planned the release date for the new episodes?

August 31, 2021

While the episodes of the fourth season have just been released on Netflix, fans of the series are already wondering when they will be able to see Good Girls season 5.

Between tensions on set and uncertainties about the future of the series, we follow the adventures of Beth and Rio. In any case, it will not be the streaming platform that decides order Good Girls season 5 since the series belongs to an American chain.

We reveal all the information we currently have on the release date of Good Girls Season 5 on Netflix

The series features three mothers who, for different reasons, have become formidable businesswomen. Since 2017, fiction has taken us on a journey between laughter and crying and we have witnessed, throughout the seasons, the rise of these three women whose daily lives are far from being classic. Is there a possibility that NBC orders Good Girls season 5 ?

From a simple convenience store robbery to solving their financial problems, they collaborate with a gang and then embark on the hellish spiral of illegal deals and money laundering.

Since the beginning of its broadcast, NBC and its production studio Universal Television have planned End this drama with season 5 of Good Girls..

Good Girls Season 5 on Netflix: How many episodes are planned?

Good Girls season 5 would consist of 8 episodes and there were rumors that production for this umpteenth season was due to begin in May 2022. However, a month after these unofficial announcements, the channel would have mentioned the cancellation of season 5 of Good Girls, to everyone’s surprise.

Will the season 5 trailer be available soon?

You will understand, we cannot communicate with you a release date for Good Girls season 5. In fact, as we have suggested before, NBC has officially announced that there will be no Good Girls season 5.

What’s the release date for Good Girls season 5 on Netflix?

The channel justifies this cancellation for economic reasons. NBC told TVLine ” [Nous] I really wanted to bring the Good Girls back for an additional season to close the story, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the finances to work.“.

Some unfounded rumors are circulating that point to the actor who plays the role of Rio, Manny Montana. The latter allegedly, unlike his colleagues Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta, rejected the reduction of wages imposed on them by production and which should Allow Staging Good Girls Season 5.

And this for a “tense employment relationship” that would have with the actress Christina, who plays the role of Beth. Lovers on screen and enemies in real life? One thing is for certain, these rumors obviously need to be taken with a grain of salt and no one is proving their veracity just yet.

Can Netflix save the series and produce a Good Girls season 5?

After this bad news, fans of the drama asked the same question: ” Couldn’t the Netflix platform repurchase the series and announce the release of Good Girls season 5 soon? “. Well, this has been considered by the streaming giant!

However, according to Deadline, NBC and the company with the red logo could not find common ground from a financial point of view. Even if the two platforms signed a distribution agreement in 2017, when the series was only in the pilot stage, the finances of the latter do not seem to allow to produce season 5 of Good Girls and thus close the chapter of the adventures of these three women become ruthless business women.

At least that’s the case for now and we have no doubt that the streaming giant will find the financial resources it needs if it wishes. Good Girls season 5 staging is pretty big. The future can bring us great surprises and, as they say, hope gives life. One thing is certain The exit of season 5 of Good Girls is at the moment more than uncertain.

While you wait to find out if Netflix Will Agree To Order Good Girls Season 5Find out the release date for the next season of You.