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Good Girls Season 4: Discover the first opinions of the spectators (No spoilers)

September 1, 2021

The fourth and final season of Good Girls is finally available on the famous streaming platform! Fans in love with Rio are delighted to find him in the sixteen new episodes, and millions of viewers are happy to see their favorite heroines again.

Fans were eager to see the rest of Beth, Annie, and Ruby’s adventures and are not disappointed. Also, according to the subscribers of the streaming platform, the fourth and final season is much better than the third with many more intrigues and twists.

The fourth part of Good Girls lived up to viewers’ expectations. Therefore, the new episodes have greatly pleased the subscribers who are very saddened by the end of the drama series.

According to the first opinions, viewers are delighted to have found their favorite series on the famous streaming platform. However, the hundreds of millions of subscribers are saddened by the idea of ​​not finding Annie, Ruby and Beth in a season 5. Here are some opinions we saw on Twitterosphere: