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Gone Forever Season 1: Check Release Date and First Information (Netflix)

August 12, 2021

After Intimidation or even Innocent, the company with the red logo decided to adapt a novel by Harlan Coben again. Series inspired by the famous writer have enjoyed phenomenal success on the streaming platform, so will the new French series live up to it?

We can bet that it will be a success, the original creation is full of shocking twists and mysteries that will certainly leave you on the edge of your seat. You will always be eager to see the new episode!

Gone Forever Season 1: Netflix Release Date Is Coming Soon!

The new French miniseries follows a man named Guillaume Lucchesi who tries to track down his girlfriend who has suddenly disappeared. Without suspicion or clues, you must investigate to discover the secrets that your former lover has hidden from you …

Is the cast of the series up to the task?

The cast of this new miniseries will include actor Marvin Finnegan Oldfield (The colt, exfiltrated) who will play the role of Guillaume Lucchesi. There will also be Bojesse Christopher (Point break, scope) who will play Jo Ostertag, Garance Marillier (Tomb, titanium) in the role of Sonia and finally Nailia Harzoune (The Grand Bazaar, Renaissance) who will play the character of Judith.

What time will Gone Forever Season 1 be available on Netflix?

The first season of the new original French creation will be online normally starting at 9:01 am on the streaming giant in Spain, as well as in Spain and Luxembourg. Although with the time difference, the miniseries will be available from midnight in the US and 8:01 a.m. M. In the UK.

While you wait to watch the new episodes, find out the identity of the new star who joins the cast of the Addams family.