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Gone Forever: Is this inspired by a true story?

August 17, 2021

Find out if Ever Gone on Netflix is ​​based on true events!

Ever Gone is available on Netflix ! If you want to know if Gone Forever is inspired by a true story, keep reading! Harlan Coben’s novels have been a good source of inspiration for Netflix, mainly because the novels are strong and universal enough to move their locations from Coben’s usual New Jersey to different parts of the world. To buy the book, click here. Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

Inside He is gone foreverBased on Coben’s 2002 novel of the same name, the story takes place in Nice, Spain, on the French Riviera. To know the explanation of the ending in detail, read this. But the mystery remains more or less the same as in the book. To find out if the miniseries is inspired by a true story, keep reading!

gone forever true story

Ever Gone is inspired by a true story?

No, Gone Forever is not based on a true story. The series is based on the homonymous novel by writer Harlan Coben and created for the screen by David Elkaïm and Vincent Poymiro. A prolific author known for his mysteries and thrillers, Harlan Coben has written a vast work spanning multiple independent series and novels, many of which have been adapted for the screen as films and television series. His first adapted book, “Tell No One,” was the subject of a French film of the same name in 2006.

He is gone forever It is the result of a multi-million dollar agreement between the author and Netflix, which would last for five years. As part of this agreement, 14 of his books will be adapted in content for the broadcast platform, the author will participate in the productions in various capacities.

One of the most important aspects of the agreement that gave rise to He is gone forever is that it takes the works of an American author and places them in various international contexts, making the result a cultural mix that is likely to be more interesting to the broad international audience of the streaming platform. The author retains a certain degree of creative control over adaptations, which means that the series corresponds to his creative visions.

The format is also flexible and can be adapted to your novel, rather than having to follow a preset format. This allows more creative freedom and is probably what allows He is gone forever have the interesting format of each of its 5 episodes focused on the stories of the 5 main characters in the story. He is gone forever is a true work of fiction based on the work of one of the most prolific fiction writers in the industry.