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Godzilla Origin of the Invasion Season 1: Final Explanation!

June 25, 2021

Watch the explanation of the end of Godzilla, the origin of the invasion on Netflix! Generic post scene, etc.

godzilla origin of the Invasion is now available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! In the year 2030, the story begins in the city of Nigashio, in Chiba prefecture. Two prominent engineers, Yun Arikawa and Haberu Kato, work for a repair shop, Otaki Factory. They are called upon to investigate a strange lullaby emitted from an abandoned building, a western-style mansion.

Inside a hidden chamber, Arikawa discovers a crystal radio that converts radio waves into energy or music. The two engineers follow the radio waves and come to the Misakioku Radio Observatory to learn more. Simultaneously, a graduate student, Mei Kamino, arrives at the Misakioku Radio Observatory to investigate an alarm that sounds at the facility. Kamino concludes that the alarm machine has received an unidentified signal.

Also, the installation machine plays the same lullaby that Arikawa heard in the mansion. Therefore, Kamino calls Arikawa to investigate the alarm system installed by the Otaki factory. But before the two can draw conclusions, the guards arrest Arikawa and Kato for trespassing. The mystery of the strange signs and lullaby fades into the background when suddenly Radon appears in the sky and attacks the city. Otaki factory owner Goro Otaki designed Jet Jaguar, a robot meant to fight monsters.

Finally, he launches his invention to save the planet from the Kaiju. But a single robot can’t save the world, right? Don’t underestimate Jet Jaguar until you see the end. To learn all about the season 2 launch, read this. Otherwise, we will tell you all about it End of Godzilla Season 1 Dawn of the Invasion on Netflix!

Godzilla Origin of the Invasion Season 1 Ending Explained!

Yun and Haberu come to believe that Ashihara had encrypted the song with codes decades earlier. They then deduce that the codes refer to the conversation Yun and Mei have as a message. A code stands out because it relates to a message that has not yet been exchanged. They come to think that this message could help them overcome Godzilla.

After the Orthogonal Diagonalizer arrives in Japan, Yun realizes that the code can activate the device. So he, Haberu, Gorou, and a rebooted Jet Jaguar venture into the ruins of Tokyo to get close to Godzilla before the code arrives. Meanwhile, at Shiva’s facility in Kolkata, BB, Mei, and Pelops II discover that the code that will activate the Orthogonal Diagonizer will also prevent catastrophe. Pelops II goes to the past to give himself more time to find the code and goes to Ashihara.

Searching his own data, he finds Yun’s request to make Jet Jaguar invincible and realizes that was the answer from the beginning. Create a new generation of himself and Jet Jaguar and incorporate the result into the lullaby. This new variation of Jet Jaguar is reborn several times until it thinks it is ready to prevent Catastrophe.

The most recent variation of Jet Jaguar is Jet Jaguar PP, who regains his physical form and transforms into a robot that rivals Godzilla himself in size. The Jaguar PP jet has always been meant to be code. Activate the Orthogonal Diagonizer, and the blue crystals materialize in place of the red ones, defeating Godzilla and stopping the Catastrophe.

godzilla origin of the final invasion season 1

What does the post generic scene mean?

In the post-credits scene, the Shiva Consortium is shown building Mechagodzilla. The End of Godzilla Season 1 Dawn of the Invasion reveals that Ashihara is alive and looks as young as decades ago. Its seemingly eternal youth and longevity may be the result of Ashihara itself becoming a Singular Point and time and space malfunctioning around it. As for the Mechagodzilla, the true purpose of the Shiva Consortium has yet to be revealed.

We know they keep the namesake supercomputer that Ashihara co-created, but its history and intentions are still shrouded in mystery. They may be trying to use Mechagodzilla in the same way as Jet Jaguar. But they can also potentially use it to create another major singular point and create their own army of minor kaiju.