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Ghost Lab: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation!

May 27, 2021

Check out the explanation of the ending of Ghost Lab on Netflix! Wee, Gla, moral of the story, etc.

Ghost Lab is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Did we just see a ghost being haunted by a human? Ghost lab is a horror film that nullifies the paranormal “found footage” trope and features a “ghost hunter” who doesn’t want to leave his subject alone. When his obsessive experience with ghosts becomes too extreme, two intrepid doctors must decide whether to move on or give up.

However, things get even more complicated because one of them is dead! Both a science project and a paranormal haven, the movie lives up to its name and seems like an interesting experiment in itself. We give you The explanation of the ending of Ghost Lab on Netflix!

Why did Wee try to commit suicide?

Wee has always been the most rational character in the movie, and Gla is driven by emotion. However, everything changes when Wee’s mother dies. The lack of oxygen in the brain forces Wee to make a difficult decision, since it is he who decides the fate of his mother. When she returns to him one night, muttering something inaudible that we will later learn is “What are you two doing, honey?” This causes Wee to find his mother on the other side.

It was not until he received another vision from his mother, uttering the aforementioned words again, that he stopped not to kill himself. Instead, Gla grabs the gun and shoots himself in the head, right in front of Wee.

Why did Gla kill himself?

To Ghost Lab ending, we see Wee erase his research and acknowledge that sometimes things end badly, but also that everyone has learned something. We then see Gla as a benevolent, smiling spirit on the beach from his childhood, holding a famous science journal with him and Wee on the cover. However, in real life, the publication rejects Wee’s research.

Did Gla kill himself for nothing? Although Gla’s mind finally convinces Wee that they have learned something and thus their death is not in vain. Living Gla had a very different vision of what he wanted to achieve. Ever since he had glimpsed the ghost of his father as a child, he had been obsessed with seeing them. However, he doesn’t even consider death as an option to promote the experience, until Wee suggests committing suicide.

At this point, Gla is in shock and feeling guilty, as it was he who introduced Wee, now suicidal, to his experience. Therefore, the heavy burden of guilt plays an important role in Gla’s suicide. This is also suggested by the fact that he seems almost relieved when Wee is unable to commit suicide and quickly picks up the gun and kills himself.

Therefore, Gla quickly commits suicide not only to continue his experiment, but also to escape the guilt of seeing his friend commit suicide.

end of the ghost lab

Explanation of the ending of Ghost Lab

To Ghost Lab ending, Wee hands over Arj’s laptop to Mai, where she reveals that she has been with Arj in her dreams. She explains that she was happy and that she had a copy of The Experiment, her work finally published. While there is a feeling of sadness in the ending, the three main characters seem to have a sense of peace.

The end of Ghost Lab It shows how far people are willing to go if they feel sufficiently concerned about an issue. Sadly, Wee and Arj, both passionate about their desire to prove the afterlife exists, get lost in the process. Believing that their mission is more important than their own life, it is only when they are in the Hereafter that they can understand their mistakes. Since Arj is dead and unable to reverse his mistakes, he begs Wee to reconsider his actions and “live his life for the both of us.”

To end of Ghost Lab, we see the data from the experiments of the Ghost lab erased by Wee. His phone, which contained images of Gla’s violence towards him, also appears to be burned and destroyed the last time we saw it. While it looks like the Search for the Northern Lights is officially over, it’s interesting that Wee submitted his findings to the Science Journal. This means that at least one copy of the research Ghost lab it still exists and, although it has not been published, it could see the light in the future and perhaps inspire someone to continue with the experiments.