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Feel Good Season 1: Netflix Series Ending Explained!

June 2, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of season 1 of Feel Good on Netflix! Mae addiction, etc.

Feel Good is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! Canadian actress Mae Martin knows that addiction stories are often extremely dark. Words like “heartbreaking” are often used. You also know that this is not everyone’s experience. Therefore, in the series Netflix feels good, tells a different kind of addiction story, just as charming, sad, and exciting. To learn all about the season two release, read this.

Ms. Martin transposes themes from her own life and stand-up, her cocaine addiction, romantic weaknesses in six tight episodes. In the first moments, the fictional Mae meets George after one of his shows. It is a perfect and beautiful meeting. George has been coming to the club to see Mae for a while and she stays after her nasty friend Binky leaves her.

They chat, kiss and have an intense relationship. The only problem? George has never dated a girl before, and Mae hasn’t been very forthright about her drug use in the past. To find out the explanation of the ending of season 1 of Feel Good on Netflix !

Feel Good Season 1 finale explained on Netflix!

To Feel Good season 1 finale, we see Mae and George lying on the bed and the same sound intensifies and buzzes in Mae’s ears whenever she feels the need to submit to her addiction. What does this mean for Mae?

The first time the audience hears this sound is when Mae and George kiss for the first time. It’s like the sound of the world drowning while Mae falls in love. But throughout history, it becomes the red flag of temptation. Whether it’s the temptation to text George when he’s been explicitly told not to, or the allure of cocaine that people freely use in front of her. So was it Mae who felt the touch of love once again? Was it the world fading into the background or some kind of alarm?

feel good season 1 finale

Since Mae had previously given in to cocaine and broken her sober period, the most logical answer is that this is Mae fighting envy. She is in the first day of her recovery and may want to use again. In earlier cases, the sound would eventually stop and Mae would generally be distracted by something else, thus keeping her distance from drugs. But this time, the sound doesn’t stop until the credits start. It just means that Mae has a tougher fight to fight. But, at least she has George to help her.