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Fear Street Part 3: 1666: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation!

July 16, 2021


Fear Street is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the ending of Part 3 of Fear Street 1666, keep reading! The previous movie, Fear Street: 1978, left our heroes Deena and her brother Josh at the grave of Sarah Fier, the supposed witch who, according to legend, cursed Shadyside in 1666. After hearing a lot about her ‘She in the First two films, audiences finally meet Sarah Fier in the opening scene of the third installment, when Deena is projected in a live flashback.

She becomes Sarah Proud, which means we see Madeira in a whole new light, with 17th century English settler clothes and accent. There are also many other familiar faces. Flores Jr. plays Sarah’s brother Henry. Olivia Scott Welch, who played Deena’s ex-girlfriend on Fear Street 1994, is now Sarah’s secret lover, Hannah Miller. Ashley Zukerman, who played Sheriff Nick Goode in 1994, is now Solomon Goode, Sarah’s friend and a voice of reason in a city of superstition. To find out when Part 4 will be released, read this. To find out Final explanation of Fear Street Part 3 !

Fear Street Part 3 ending explained!

The last film in the trilogy reveals that Solomon Goode, an ancestor of Nick Goode, started it all. In 1666, Solomon was a lonely widower living outside the colony. His wife and son died some time ago and are buried not far from their home. Despite what he projects onto others, he is extremely dissatisfied with his life. He sincerely believes that he is better than the circumstances made him and wants to overcome that. To achieve this, he has no qualms about condemning others to a worse fate.

It is Solomon who kills the Widow before Sarah finds her corpse and steals the demon book. Install a witch altar under his house and summon the devil. The first name he inscribes on one of the stones is that of Cyrus Miller. The devil then owns the pastor, who locks himself up in the church with several children. The possessed shepherd then kills the children by gouging out their eyes before doing the same. But he doesn’t die and tries to attack Sarah, leading Solomon to kill him.

This supernatural violence has endured for centuries. The Goode family passed the duty of defending the curse from father to eldest son, to Nick Goode. He was behind the Camp Nightwing massacre and the Shadyside Mall massacre. Like his father before him, he continues his family’s legacy by summoning the devil and killing the Shadysiders. The curse that Solomon cast on Union ensures his prosperity and that of his family to the detriment of the other inhabitants of the colony. In time, an entire city grew up around the Goode. It’s Sunnyvale. During this time, the bearers of the curse and their descendants became inhabitants of Shadyside.

Shadyside is cursed because the Goode family continues to sacrifice souls for the Devil, which is why Shadyside is such a bad place and Sunnyvale a city of success, wealth and power. The devil rewards the Goodes and Sunnyvale as part of the deal. When Deena realizes this, she knows that they have to kill Nick Goode to stop the curse forever.

fear street part 3 ending

Explanation of the post-credits scene

The trilogy ends with the typical horror and mystery movie craze. In the middle credits scene, someone takes the demon book. It could be one of the Goode family, who wants to bring back the curse, or someone else. But obviously, the peace that Deena, Sam, and their friends sacrificed so much for might not last as long as they hoped. Someday someone else will make a new deal with the devil and the murders will start all over again.