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Elite Season 5: What Netflix Release Date? A planned sequel?

June 17, 2021

Discover all the information about Elite season 5 on Netflix! Release date, renewal, etc.

Elite is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about him Season 5 launch, keep reading! Elite Season 4 has just arrived on Netflix, and we already need more episodes! This series about students from a posh high school in Spain is much juicier than you might expect.

Although the series begins with Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, the series quickly grew to follow the lives of several other students on campus. Everyone has a secret in Las Encinas, and what started out as a typical fish-out-of-water story quickly turned into plots about sex, drug trafficking and murder.

In February 2021, Netflix tweeted: “Elite fans are preparing to ask for more as the series has been renewed for a season 5! (and before you ask… no, season 4 has yet to air) “. You got it, there will be a Elite season 5 on Netflix coming soon ! According to sources, the Elite season 5 will conclude the school year that begins in season 4, which features a large number of new privileged students. We tell you all about him Elite Season 5 on Netflix !

elite season 5 netflix

What is the release date of Elite season 5 on Netflix?

The fourth season was released on our screens on June 18, 2021 in its entirety! As mentioned above, the Elite Season 5 It will see the light of day and was renovated earlier this year! Currently, no specific release date has been communicated.

The filming of the Elite season 5 It started in February in Madrid. The series takes about a year between seasons. Therefore, it is very likely that we have a Elite season 5 release date for the second quarter of 2022 in Netflix !