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Elite Season 5: Netflix release date, filming,… sequel coming soon?

June 18, 2021

When Samuel, Guzmán, and Rebeka disposed of Armando’s body, what can we expect from Elite season 5 ? After Polo, will the Las Encinas students be captured for this new murder? The police will soon establish the link between Guzmán and Armando …

We also have very good news for you: the streaming giant has already announced the renewal Elite for a season 5 ! The next few episodes will likely be under a lot of stress even if several actors have decided to leave the series.

We reveal all the information we currently have about Elite (Netflix) season 5: Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The fourth season of the original Spanish creation has unfortunately seen many exits. In fact, great actors left the series at the end of the third part like Lu (Danna Paola), Carla (Ester Exposito) or Nadia (Mina El Hammani), all of them to do their higher education. They may come back one day, but so far there has been no official announcement …

After the numerous outings of the third season, the fourth also says goodbye to Samuel and Omar. Two actors present from the beginning, who in turn abandon the original Spanish creation.

Despite this, the American company still has decided to order Elite Season 5. A wise choice as the new cast is very promising! The creator of the fiction announced a few months ago that he would like to do at least twenty seasons!

Obviously, this is highly unlikely to happen, but as long as Netflix renews the series, we can be sure that the creator will be willing to do so. This means that if the series manages to reach excellent audiences every year, it could well be that Elite will become one of the longest series in the catalog of the American company.

The Elite season 5 release date on Netflix has yet to be officially announced by the streaming platform. but some clues allow us to think that it could be brought online quite quickly.

Elite Season 5: Filming is on!

The Elite season 5 So it will be coming to the streaming platform soon, but a lot of changes are expected. Ester Exposito, who played Carla Rosón Caleruega, will not make a great comeback in the rest of the series. The young actress was also blunt and formally denied her potential comeback.

However, despite the bad news, Lu, played by Danna Paola, announced that she could return in Elite season 5. In fact, the actress revealed through a press release that she would be delighted to find her role in the series and that her character Lu finds her friends from Las Encinas institute.

The actors of the successful Spanish series are also in full swing Elite season 5 and some invisible images have been leaked. We can see Omar (Omar Ayuso) pulling a lifeless body out of the water with a new supporting actor, Adam Nourou.

Is the Elite season 5 release date already planned by Netflix?

Therefore, the company with the red logo has not yet officially announced the Elite Season 5 Release Date. The fourth part has just been released, it will surely take patience!

The Elite season 5 It is currently filming, so we can expect a comeback in a few months. We currently estimate that the Elite Season 5 release date is likely to be March 2022.. Filming should finish by the end of October, then it will take a few months to edit the episodes.

Unless the American company has a surprise in store for us and tells us the release date of the rest of the series In the next weeks. Waiting to be able to see season 5 of Elite On Netflix, discover Katla, the new original creation.