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Elite Season 4: Who are the new players? Instagram, etc.

June 18, 2021

Find out all the information about the new actors and actresses of Elite season 4! Ari, Mencía, Patrick etc.

Elite is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about Actors and actresses of the fourth season, keep reading! Since the launch of the hit Spanish series in 2018, people around the world have been instantly trapped by Marina’s murder and the drama that followed. Since then, the series has given us many other scandals and season 3 seems to end the case by discovering who killed Polo.

The Elite season 4 arrived on Netflix on June 17, but several cast members will not be returning. Ester Exposito (Carla), Danna Paola (Lu), Álvaro Rico (Polo) and Jorge López (Valerio) have left the series. For all the information on season 5, read this. To meet the new Actors and actresses of the fourth season of elite and follow them on Instagram, keep reading!

Who are the new actors and actresses of Elite season 4?

The Elite season 4 add a lot of new actors and actresses to the team, as it marks the departure of some familiar faces. Among the regular cast members, Itzan Escamilla will play Samuel, Miguel Bernardeau will take on the role of Guzmán, Arón Piper will take on the role of Ander Muñoz, Omar Ayuso will play Omar Shanaa and Claudia Salas will play the role of Rebeka. In addition, Georgina Amorós will play the character of Cayetana, along with Mina El Hammani, who will appear in the role of Nadia before making her premiere.

Among the newly introduced Blanco Commerford family, we will see Carla Díaz as Ari, Martina Cariddi as Mencía, Manu Ríos as Patrick, and Diego Martín as the father and new manager Benjamin. Among the other two novelties, Pol Granch will play the character of Phillippe with Andrés Velencoso, who will have an important role. In addition, Danna Paola (Lu), Ester Exposito (Carla), Álvaro Rico (Polo), Jorge López (Valerio), Sergio Momo (Yeray) and Leiti Sène (Malick) will not resume their roles in the next season.

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How to follow the actors and actresses of season 4 on Instagram?

Here is the list of actors and actresses already present before Elite Season 4 and them Instagram !

Now here is the list of new actors and actresses of Elite season 4 and them Instagram !