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Deadwind Season 3: Netflix release date, filming,… sequel coming soon?

June 27, 2021

The first season had received overwhelming critical acclaim for its captivating plot and compelling performances by its actors. In addition, the second part aired in the United States last year and the fiction again received rave reviews.

Since the series is not a Netflix original creation, Sophia’s future is not in the hands of the company with the red logo. The Finnish channel may have already agreed to produce the Deadwind season 3 ?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 3 of Deadwind (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

Did you get the impression that the second season was faster than the first? This is normal since the previous part had twelve episodes … This could mean that there will be no season 3 But appearances can sometimes be deceptive.

The Finnish crime drama was uploaded to Netflix a while ago (globally) and the series received a very positive reception from the public. But as always, the audience was decisive … Did the Scandinavian fiction producers decide to renew? Deadwind for a season 3 ?

Deadwind Season 3: New Episodes Ordered!

According to several American media, the Finnish series has been renewed since the audiences were more than satisfactory. The designers probably didn’t hesitate long before placing the order. the Deadwind season 3.

Still, according to US sources, Deadwind season 3 release date is already set for fall 2021 on Finnish channel Yle TV2. The continuation of the fiction would arrive a few months later on Netflix in the United States but surely more patience will have to be shown before finding it in the French catalog.

Is the Deadwind season 3 release date already planned by Netflix?

The Yle channel has yet to be officially announced. Deadwind season 3 release date. However, as we know that it will probably air during the next fall, it is possible to anticipate the publication in the French Netflix catalog.

The second season went online in the United States from April 2020, so we waited a year and two months to access the episodes on Netflix in Spain. Therefore, it is possible that Deadwind season 3 release date will be late fall 2022 on Netflix.

Indeed it is very long but know that it is because Canal + has the exclusivity of the series in Spain. Unlike Netflix, which released the second part in June 2021, Canal started streaming episodes in September 2020!

If you are impatient to find Inspector Sophia, you know what to do because we are sure that Deadwind season 3 will be available on Canal + several months before Netflix. While you were waiting for the sequel, did you know that the actress who plays Daphne Bridgerton has been selected to star in a new thriller?