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Deadly Season 2: Discover the first opinions of the spectators (No spoiler)

July 3, 2021

After being initially canceled, the original French creation finally returns for a second season on the famous streaming platform. The new episodes are always so captivating and still leave us hungry …

The second season is just as exciting and exciting as the first part. The fans have been in heaven since its premiere, which they have been waiting for two long years. They had missed the Mortal universe so much!

The supernatural series remains the same as itself, with all viewers eagerly awaiting Mortal season 3. The second part was rich with twists and turns and the fiction has kept its promises, but unfortunately the episodes went by too quickly.

According to early reviews, viewers are delighted to meet our three favorite heroes. Fans also loved the soundtrack used in the series and are eagerly awaiting the sequel to the French drama. Here are some reviews we saw on Twitter: