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Complex Love: Netflix Movie Ending Explained!

July 30, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of Complex Love on Netflix! Who is Jason going to marry? Erica’s career, etc.

L’Amour Complexe is available on Netflix ! If you want to know the explanation of the end in details, keep reading! The Steven K. Tsuchida movie Resort to Love, from its original name, is a tried and true romantic comedy. Puts a struggling singer at the center of a conflict over a broken engagement.

Erica Wilson cannot find an outlet for her love and passion. The turn of events leads him to an exotic seaside resort in Mauritius, where an astonishing surprise forces him to face his buried feelings and move on forever.

The end of complex loveHowever, it is quite interesting and although it is mentioned, it is nonetheless satisfying and not as generic as you might think. We tell you everything!

Things get complicated

As the wedding approaches, Jason begins to doubt whether he chose the right woman. He persists in wanting to talk to Erica about it, even on the night of the bachelorette party. Meanwhile, Caleb continues to slyly push her romantic intentions.

In the last act, Jason makes a decision, but before telling Erica he finds his brother at Erica’s vacation lodge and assumes the worst, so he runs off. When Erica runs after Jason, he tells her that he loves Beverly and is afraid of ruining everything. Erica reassures him by telling him that everything will be fine and that he must take another step to marry the woman he loves.

But that’s when disaster strikes: From afar, Jason’s mother sees Jason and Erica together, and recognizes the woman as Jason’s ex-fiancée. After all this time, Beverly had no idea that Erica had been her ex-fiancée from a year ago; feels betrayed by both. Erica has spent time befriending Beverly, which makes things worse.

Fortunately, Erica soon finds herself on the same ferry that takes Beverley to the airport and convinces her to go back to the wedding because Jason is truly in love with her. Beverly then promises to return, but only if Erica does the same, which the singer eventually agrees to.

end of complex love explanation

Explanation of the ending of Complex Love on Netflix!

The film ends with the idealistic marriage of Jason and Beverley, who seem genuinely in love. Erica sings a touching song at her wedding, and then we see her on a video call with Amber, who asks her about her music career. Erica seems to have more important things on her mind and is later seen jumping into the ocean with Caleb, where they kiss.

So it seems like Jason has finally realized that his true love is Beverley. Throughout the film, he is indecisive and eccentric, which intensifies during the rehearsal dinner where Jason and Beverley appear to be scared.

However, even though Jason and Erica had a brief spark and almost kiss on the night of Beverley’s bachelorette party, the reason she is leaving her cabin is not to continue her honeymoon. The romance is rekindled, but to tell her that she really loves Beverley.

Later, as Erica explains to the sobbing bride-to-be in the airport shuttle, Jason is the type of man who seeks stability and wants a home, much like Beverley, who describes himself as a “traditional girlfriend.” ”. And he wants to have children. and a house with a white picket fence.

Meanwhile, Erica feels nauseous at the thought of such an idyllic life and is drawn to her passion for music. Thus, as Beverley finally realizes, Jason is the perfect man for her, and she the perfect woman for him, eventually convincing her to go back to being a passed out Jason, and the two are happily married.

It is very likely, although it has not been said, that Erica continues to sing at the resort. However, since the job is seasonal and only lasts 4 months, it is likely to progress fairly quickly, although it is difficult to say whether you will stay in Mauritius or return to the United States. The film leaves these aspects ambiguous to underline how our protagonist has now learned to live in the moment.