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Colony Season 4: What’s the Netflix Release Date? A planned sequel?

May 2, 2021

Discover all the information about season 4 of Colony on Netflix! Release date, renewal, etc.

Colony is available on Netflix in Spain! If you want to know everything about Season 4 launch, keep reading! The futuristic series followed the Bowman family’s journey and survival after a gang of humanoid aliens sought refuge and took control of Earth following an attack by an even worse alien species.

Overall, the series is well crafted and shows that even in the event of an alien invasion, it is “alien agents who instill fear and lurk in humanity. Those who confront us, often in a pathetic and violent way, are the most dangerous. If the occupation you attend Cologne It reminds you of historical facts, you are not mistaken, since cuse affirmed that the series was conceived as a metaphor for Spain during the Nazi occupation ”.

Cologne is one of those American series that portrays a dystopian story and includes dramatic elements. It was designed by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, the first known to have directed Lost. After its recent release in Netflix, fans want to know if a Cologne season 4 It will soon see the light on the broadcast platform!

colony season 4 netflix

What is the release date of Colony season 4 on Netflix?

The third season was released on Netflix in Spain on May 2, 2021. It had 13 episodes of approximately 40 minutes! However, colony season 3 premiered on May 2, 2018. On July 21, 2018, USA Network announced that the series had been canceled. There have been many calls to Netflix and Amazon Prime to resume the series. Currently, no renewal and acquisition announcements have been made regarding a Cologne season 4 !

The report suggests that viewership ratings may have played a role in America’s decision to end the series and not. It began airing on Wednesday after airing on Thursday night. Colony’s viewership figures have dropped to an average of 1.3 million viewers. Which is a drop from its inception to around 2.2 million viewers.

USA Network has not confirmed additional reasons why the series was discontinued. But the fans are not happy with this news. You got it, you won’t see any Cologne Season 4 on Netflix For now, if any announcements are made, we will keep you posted.