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Carnival: Explanation of the ending of the Netflix movie! Salvador and Nina etc.

June 3, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of Carnival on Netflix! Nina’s future, etc.

Carnival is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Directed by Leandro Neri, Carnival tells the story of four young women in Salvador for the Bahia Carnival, a world of influencers, musicians and individuals. All brides face their fears, insecurities, and loopholes in a series of events that only get more outlandish as the narrative progresses.

Centered on Nina, the film seeks to address topics such as the use of social networks, the culture of influencers, homophobia, judging others and our addiction to our phones. Unfortunately, he runs into all the obstacles, even as his star continues to accumulate a following, posting bursts of photos and stories. We tell you all about him end of carnival !

Explanation of the end of Carnival on Netflix!

To end of carnival, Nina and her friends reconcile after realizing how lonely her life would be without them. She also sees her social media idol fall from grace for the insensitive comments she made while intoxicated. Nunes, with the support of Nina, comes out of the closet and surprises her longtime clandestine boyfriend.

Vivi, Nina’s friend, although initially skeptical, falls in love with Samir, one of the organizers of the trip. The mystery of Michelle, who cannot find the man with whom she shared a magical kiss, is also solved. Nina is grateful for her former idol, who decides to explore herself.

We see Nina’s priorities change throughout the film as she realizes the importance of people in her life, especially her friends. If we consider that her number of followers has already doubled since her arrival at the carnival and that she is increasing at an unprecedented rate, Nina has reached one million followers.

Salvador, the proud Bahian guide for Nina and her friends, also helps Nina realize the beauty of the present, telling her that he lives his “stories” in real life, not online. It also prevents the influencer from taking photos, imploring her to just look at the view. To end of carnivalWe see Nina with Salvador, who doesn’t even use social media, which tells us that Nina’s priorities have indeed changed.

end of the carnival explanation

What future for Nina and Salvador?

Nina has not given up on social media. Through the experiences she goes through, she is aware of the importance of her friends and has probably become more empathetic to them. However, we don’t see anything to suggest that Nina’s ambition has waned.

So apart from an affair of a few days, it’s hard to see Nina getting into a relationship with Salvador, a laid-back man who doesn’t seem to believe in social media. The two also live in different cities, making this unlikely relationship even more difficult to flourish.