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Blue Miracle: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation! Competitions, orphanages, etc.

May 28, 2021

Watch the explanation of the end of the blue miracle on Netflix! Who won the tournament, today’s orphanage, etc.

Blue Miracle is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the ending of Blue Miracle, keep reading! Director Julio Quintana took a true story about orphans who participated in a big fishing tournament and added Jimmy Gonzales, Dennis Quaid, and some dramatic flourishes, which is very much in the spirit of cinema.

It is a cinematographic strategy deployed to make us feel things, and also to differentiate feature films from documentaries, which are more real than films based on real stories, but less real than reality without cameras. To find out if Blue Miracle is based on a true story, read this. Either way, we’ll see if this miracle movie is a good one or if it’s just another suspicious story. To find out the explanation of the ending of Blue Miracle on Netflix !


Blue miracle works smoothly, without bumps. And that’s not a good thing, dramatically. The bet is visible only in words and not in deeds. His soul tries to explore an attractive message but narratively, neither the message nor the story can generate emotions. The writers have tried to recount Omar’s past life on the streets and his own tragedy at sea, but with a thin plot to the center, the character’s transformation isn’t engaging enough.

The diaper of the children from the orphanage and their experience with the adoptive parents was interesting at the beginning of the film. But each time, the movie took an easy hook instead of going one step further. Due to its laziness to explore depth, the film fails to create an impact. It’s subtle and a bit bearable for a normal viewer, but in the end, it doesn’t deliver anything concrete.

Explanation of the ending of Blue Miracle

When Omar learns of the family’s impending participation in the fishing competition, he is understandably skeptical about its chances. Rather, you want to take a more practical approach to trying to prevent home foreclosure. But, as Becca reminds him, they no longer have a choice.

According to the tournament rule, the first to hit the fishing rod of the day will have to be the one who takes the fish. Wade chooses Omar for this job. However, the last time Omar was fishing in a boat, his father died after the boat capsized. So on the first day, Moco is chosen to do the job.

On the second day, a marlin bites the hook, but the Knot Enough crew loses the fish when the line breaks. That night, Wade comes to talk to Omar with an already caught fish and seems to convince him to claim to have recovered the fish on the third day.

blue miraculous fin

But finally, he and the children get the miracle they hoped for. On the third day of competition, Omar throws the nail into the sky, and suddenly there is a tug on the line. Wade chose Omar to bring the fish back that day as they had to work together to hook the already caught fish to the line. So he has no choice but to pick up the baton and shoot. They catch a 384-pound blue marlin and win the tournament.

With the prize money, Omar was able not only to repay the bank loan, but also to renovate and expand the house at the orphanage. It also adds a program for the girls of the orphanage. It was a blue miracle that saved Omar’s dream.

Captain Wed returns to his family in Dallas. By becoming a two-time winner, he regained his lost confidence. He is finally ready to face his son and his wife. A final cut traces the efforts of Omar and Casa Hogar, which have protected hundreds of lives. Without them, they would have been lost. To end of the blue miracle, the notes reveal that the home begins to thrive in the years following the tournament and even expands to include a girls’ program.