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Bloody Milkshake: Ending Explained! Emily and Nathan, Madeleine, etc.

July 20, 2021

Discover the explanation for the ending of Bloody Milkshake! Madeleine, is she dead?

It looks like 2021 will be the summer of John Wick-inspired action and revenge movies. The movie Bloody smoothie which just launched on Netflix in the US has an incredible cast with Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett, and Carla Gugino.

The plot of Bloody smoothie It’s pretty basic: A hitman named Sam finds himself on the wrong side of his employers, collectively known as The Firm, after killing the son of one of his competitors and accidentally detonating a ton of cash. Now he must flee the Firm and protect Emily, the daughter of a man he regrets having killed.

Bloody smoothie It exists in a hyper-real world where restaurants are the front for gang activity, libraries are places where old guns are exchanged for new ones, and no one seems to care that there are mass shootings everywhere. This surreal world exists to tell Sam’s story, and Sam’s story is more than just a tale of revenge. It is a story that ends up focusing on two specific things: family and changing the world with this family. If you have any questions about the end of the bloody smoothie, we tell you everything!

Explanation of the ending of Bloody Milkshake!

Although Sam is unmistakably at the center of the show, Madeleine unknowingly steals the show. We meet Madeleine for the first time at the beginning of the movie. A valued member of the elite assassin brotherhood, she is calm and collected, with a hint of empathy. You wouldn’t believe its formidable machine gun capabilities if you didn’t see them with your own eyes.

In the second half of the movie, Sam reunites with his mother and goes to the library. In the library, the sisters treat Scarlet insolently. They all take a stand, and while Scarlet and Samantha stay to take the first hit in the lobby, Florence waits on the balcony to greet the thugs. Anna May takes refuge in another room, while Madeleine hides with Emily in a kind of kidnapping van. Like the old school rebel that she is, Madeleine gives Emily a Walkman and tells her to turn on the music.

With Janis Joplin in the background and a terrifying rotating cannon at her disposal, Madeleine unleashes herself. In a head-on fight with the mob boss’ nephew, Virgil, Madeleine is moved, but that’s not all. Madeleine’s gun has run out of ammunition, as has Virgil’s. This is how they settle their dispute as in the good old days. To Bloody Milshake ending, both die in battle. Madeleine has a big funeral, and Sam and Emily hit the road with Scarlet and the other two sisters.

bloody smoothie finish

The family at the center of the film

The scene of Bloody Milshake ending It’s comforting: all the women go into the setting sun in a van. Florence wears an eye patch after losing an eye to a knife during the Diner fight, but they are in a good mood and embark on their new journey. Most importantly, Emily is happy and Sam is released from guilt after receiving forgiveness for killing Emily’s father early on.

C’est le comptable qui a flew de l’argent à la firma dans le premier act, alors qu’on lui faisait du chantage after l’enlèvement d’Emily par des voyous, ce qui a donné le coup d’envoi de toute this story. However, Emily accepted that Sam only killed her father as part of the job the Firm gave her. She is happy to have a family again, especially someone like Sam who killed to protect her afterward. Sam is also eager to spend time with her mother, as this new family is finally leaving revenge and trauma behind.

When Nathan opens his eyes, Emily has disappeared from the scene. But we get the feeling that while Nathan wants to help Sam, there are people above Nathan who wouldn’t want the same. The formidable business organization, The Firm, could come after Sam after the series of bloodshed he sparked. We feel that a sequel is imminent.