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Blood Red Sky: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation!

July 23, 2021

Check out the explanation of the end of Blood Red Sky on Netflix!

Blood Red Sky is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the explanation of the ending of Blood Red Sky, keep reading! Blood red sky It begins with a story with a plane wobbling in Scotland as troops gather below. Before introducing us to a mother and her son who are preparing to travel from Germany to New York.

It is evident that the mother is seriously ill and hopes that a specialist in the United States can cure her. However, as anyone who has seen the trailer or even read the film’s sinister title can guess, this journey is going to get complicated.

With its two hours, Blood red sky it is excessively long. This becomes more and more apparent as the movie unfolds, but he wastes no time in tackling its first big moment, when the hijackers take the plane and set it on a new path.

His criminal motives are never fully explained, which is easy enough to overlook on behalf of MacGuffin. They’re actually only part of the movie because there has to be a reason for Nadja to reveal the illness that led her to nervously embark on this night flight – she’s a vampire!

Specifically, a vampire who hates himself and thinks he’s bad. Although she is thirsty for blood like all vampires, she is determined not to pass this evil on to anyone else. If you have any questions about the end of blood red sky keep reading!

Explanation of the ending of Blood Red Sky

Shortly after takeoff, the plane was attacked by terrorists, including Berg, Eightball, and Bastian. Nadja tries to protect Elias, but Eightball, the unbalanced group, shoots her multiple times. Although she did not die, oh no.

In flashbacks during the movie, we learn that Nadja was traveling with her partner Nikolai when their car died on the road. Nikolai was killed by a vampire while trying to find help in a nearby hut and when Nadja investigated she was bitten by the vampire who was later killed by the sun.

While the other terrorists do not believe him, Eightball is certain that Nadja is a vampire and defends herself with an ultraviolet lamp. After knocking her out, Eightball takes some of her blood, but before he can kill her, Elias saves her. He threatens to shoot the terrorist and ends up shooting at a window, depressurizing the plane.

The resulting chaos allows Nadja to escape as the terrorists lower the plane to prevent the passengers from suffocating. Nadja finds Eightball in the warehouse where he locked himself in a car to inject Nadja with blood. When he starts to turn around, Nadja sets the car on fire and appears to kill him.

Since they could no longer reach New York, the plane was diverted to a nearby airport. Carnage erupts on board when a dying stockbroker lets the vampires out, hoping they will bite him. All the passengers begin to be attacked and transformed, leaving only Nadja, Elias, Bastian and Farid safe in the cabin.

end of blood red sky

She fights Eightball until Elias blows the cargo bay door open and Nadja pushes Eightball out. This one tries to hold and Farid must incline the airplane towards the sun to burn it, killing it once and for all. Elías tries to calm his mother, but she avoids him and we return to Elías with the soldiers.

They wrongly assume that Farid is a terrorist because it turns out that the real terrorists lured him on board with a false convention. Elías tries to make them listen to reason, but they give him a sedative and decide to wait for the sunset. Bad idea.

The soldiers enter the plane at sunset and capture Farid, taking him off the plane. But surprise, the others are quickly defeated by the vampires. Luckily for everyone, Elias had hidden the detonator in his teddy bear and escaped from the RAF base just in time to detonate the plane, killing the other vampires and Nadja.

Colonel Drummond quickly realizes his mistake and frees Farid who finds Elias, thus fulfilling Farid’s promise to Nadja to keep her son safe. Phew.

To end of Blood Red Sky, it is still unclear what the terrorists wanted to do after hijacking the plane. A passenger assumes that he wanted to crash the plane to avoid the stock market, but this is not confirmed. What we do know is that whatever their plan was, they probably immediately regretted it.