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Black Summer Season 3: Netflix release date, filming,… sequel coming soon?

June 17, 2021

After a very long wait – around 1,095 days to be exact – our favorite zombies finally made their way back to Netflix. The second season is just as captivating and tantalizing as the previous one for the enjoyment of fans of the original American creation.

Fiction is likely to be highly appreciated by the streaming platform’s 200 million subscribers who love thrillers. However, it is thecompany with the red logo has planned to order season 3 of Black Summer coming soon ?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 3 of Black Summer (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The post-apocalyptic series was eagerly awaited by the streaming platform’s subscribers. In any case, keep in mind that If Netflix orders season 3 of Black SummerWe won’t have to wait three years before discovering the sequel… According to Allociné, the average viewers’ rating is 3/5 and according to Imdb, fiction scores 6.4 / 10.

Good grades that demonstrate the success of the original creation and suggest the Black Summer season 3 … The eight new episodes unfortunately passed too quickly, the second season had promised to be rich in twists and the series kept its promises.

Black Summer Season 3: Has the streaming giant revamped the series?

For the moment Netflix has not placed orders yet season 3 of Black Summer. The company with the red logo is certainly waiting to see if subscribers will be as loyal as in the first season. The number of views and reviews are important factors in the streaming giant’s decision making to determine if there will be a suite.

We will closely monitor the evolution of the rankings for the new season to quickly determine if there is any chance that the series will be renewed. For its part, you can consider that there will be a sequel if the second season manages to reach at least the fifth place of the top 10 in Spain on Netflix.

As soon as we have additional information to communicate to you at Black Summer season 3, this article will be updated immediately. Therefore, we will be closely monitoring the media and the official Netflix account in case there is any announcement soon.

Is the premiere date of season 3 of Black Summer already planned by Netflix?

The streaming giant has yet to be officially announced. the release date of the season 3 of Black summer. However, if the US company agrees to produce it in the next few weeks, then the release date of the new episodes it’s pretty predictable.

Assuming the famous streaming platform agrees to produce a new part, then Black Summer season 3 release date will be in June or July 2022 because generally one year is enough to organize eight episodes.

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