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Black Space Season 2: Netflix release date, filming,… sequel coming soon?

May 27, 2021

The Israeli series is now available on the famous platform! Unfortunately, the eight episodes that make up the first season passed too quickly… But we have some very good news about black space season 2 !

The psychological thriller that tells the story of a massacre in a high school without a history, whose plot is particularly captivating, is likely to be highly appreciated by the millions of subscribers of the streaming platform. But, Black Space season 2 Has the company with the red logo already requested it?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 2 of Black Space (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The series, consisting of eight episodes of about fifty minutes, is presented as a mirror of our current society and the danger that the Internet represents for young people. The fiction also tackles another more difficult subject which is that of school shootings.

The original Israeli creation written by Sahar Shavit and Anat Gafni, is rich in twists and suspensions. But then do Black Space season 2 Is the US company already preparing it?

Black Space Season 2: The Sequel Is Now Ordered!

According to some media, was recently announced than season 2 of Black Space is in preparation, but no additional information has been released about the actors of the future part or about the continuation of the plot. However, as soon as we have more details, this article will be updated immediately.

Despite the lack of information on Black Space season 2It’s certainly possible that several main actors from the first season are planning to return for the second part, including Guri Alfi, who plays the role of investigator Rami Davidi.

Is the premiere date of season 2 of Black Space already planned by Netflix?

Therefore, the streaming giant has yet to officially announce the Black Space season 2 release date. However, if the Serie is currently in preparation, so we can expect a release very soon.

Black Space season 2 release date therefore it will be in May or June 2022. But this is a forecast, if the shooting has already started, then the rest of the series it may be published earlier than expected.

Waiting Black Space season 2 release date, find out if the new Netflix anime Eden will qualify for a sequel.