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Black Lightning Season 5: When will it be released? A planned sequel?

May 26, 2021

Find out all the information about Black Lightning season 5! Release date, renewal, etc.

Black Lightning is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about him Season 5 launch, keep reading! Developed for the screen by Salim Akil, it stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce, a retired black superhero who returns to action after his neighborhood has been invaded by criminal activity. The series first aired on January 16, 2018. Check out the Season 4 finale explanation in detail here.

In four seasons, the show received a fairly positive reception from critics. Although it is not as popular as other superhero series within the Arrowverse. He has developed a dedicated fan base who are committed to Jefferson Pierce and his family’s fight for justice. Naturally, fans have to wait for news of the Black Lightning season 5. So here we are to help. Here’s everything we know about him Black Lightning season 5.

What’s the release date for Black Lightning season 5?

Season 4 of Black Lightning launched on February 8, 2021 and ended on May 24, 2021. Season 4 consists of 13 episodes that are approximately 40 minutes long. In September 2020, the network revealed that Supergirl would be ending after its sixth and final season. But in a shocking turn of events, in November 2020, The CW announced that Black Lightning season 4 would also be the last of the series. Although she just added Black Lightning In the same universe as the other Arrowverse series, The CW ended the Freeland-centric drama.

With Black Lightning already filming at the time, it came as a shock not only to the fans, but to the creative team and cast as well. Nonetheless, Black Lightning season 4 came with a final war against Tobias Whale, as the series finale saw Jefferson Pierce take on his nemesis once and for all. Although the Black Lightning season 5 not planned, a series finale isn’t always the end when you exist in a shared universe like the Arrowverse.

black lightning season 5

What possible continuation for our hero?

The Black Lightning series finale saw Jefferson officially retire as a superhero, at least as Freeland’s protector. In the final scene, Jefferson passed the torch to Thunder, Lightning, and Grace, while announcing that he and Lynn Stewart would remarry. Despite Black Lightning season 5 It won’t take place next year, that doesn’t mean Cress Williams can’t put on another costume.

According to Williams, he was invited to participate in some episodes of season 8 of The Flash. Originally, the story of the end of Black Lightning I expected Jefferson to pull out entirely, but due to the ability to watch the Flash, Williams changed the story to make it more open. To be clear, Williams said they are still in the discussion stage, but it appears that The Flash creative team has some ideas for the Jefferson story.

Although the Black Lightning season 5 It hasn’t become a reality, that doesn’t stop the other Arrowverse series from having Freeland’s characters as guests next season and beyond.