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Black Lightning Season 5: Netflix release date, filming,… sequel coming soon?

June 29, 2021

Black Lightning finally defeated Whale in the season four finale! The famous series based on the DC Comics character Jefferson Pierce continues to be popular with subscribers to the streaming platform.

Therefore, Jefferson Pierce retires as a superhero, passing the torch to his daughters and another superhero, Grace Choi, so that she in turn becomes the protector of the city. Will we witness the adventures of these heroines in Black Lightning season 5 ?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 5 of Black Lightning (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The thirteen new episodes of the fourth season aired each week in May on the US channel The CW, which produces fantasy fiction. In fact, Netflix only has the authorization to put the series online. This is The CW that will decide if Black Lightning season 5 will see the light of day

Jefferson is a superhero but also a leader, and fans of the show love the different sides of Pierce. Even if we have to say goodbye to him, we still hope to follow his daughters’ daily lives! American channel The CW will be happy to order season 5 of Black Lightning ?

Black Lightning Season 5: Is Part Four The Last?

According to a famous American media, the fourth season of American fiction will be the last. In fact, the final episode of the fourth part is the final point of the fantasy series, so there will surely be no season 5 of Black Lightning.

However, we can hope that another streaming platform will buy the rights to the fiction and continue the adventures of Jefferson Pierce in a possible season 5 from Black Lightning. The company with the red logo has already resumed production of other series that had been stopped (List A, Lucifer…).

At the moment, the American company has not yet officially announced whether it will resume production of Black Lightning for a season 5. We will be watching the media very closely and as soon as there is any news, the article will be updated immediately.

Is the Black Lightning season 5 release date already planned by Netflix?

The US channel The CW has not yet revealed Black Lightning season 5 release date as he did not make any announcements regarding the future of the series. But according to various rumors that circulate, the fourth part is the end point of the fiction.

If The CW officially announces the end of the fantasy series, the only hope we have left is that another streaming platform will save the series. So we can hope to see black season 5 Flash of lightning within one or two years, depending on the duration of the production and rights buy-back process.

While you wait to find out if Black Lightning season 5 to launch on Netflix, discover the Prime Video news program.