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Biohackers Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Filming… Will the Sequel Coming Soon?

July 10, 2021

German fiction was a hit last year when it was published on the streaming platform. Netflix will only have waited a week before renewing the series, but can we really hope that the Biohackers season 3 will be ordered as soon ?

Unfortunately, it is not that simple, but one thing is certain: A sequel is still possible ! The creator did not definitively close the story except by who can direct season 3 of BioHackers, several conditions must be met.

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 3 of Biohackers (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

It only took us four hours and six minutes to swallow the new episodes of this little German nugget! If, like us, you have compulsively watched the new season, then you definitely want to know if there will be sweat. The actors have remained discreet about the future of fiction as well as the creator who has not yet granted an interview.

We don’t know yet if Biohackers will get a season 3 as the streaming platform executives have yet to announce what they are planning.. The latter are undoubtedly waiting to know the audiences of the new episodes to make a decision.

Biohackers Season 3 (Netflix): The series will have to prove its worth

The only thing that will convince Netflix to order Biohackers season 3 it would be that the series was intensely watched in excess by its two hundred million subscribers.

Therefore, the next few weeks will seal the fate of the original German creation. We will carefully study the evolution of the series ranking around the world to determine if fiction will have a sequel.

For its first day, BioHackers had a timid start in our country as it has not yet reached the top 10 in Spain… If we take the average of its international ranking, the series is currently positioned at the place of the most popular fictions.

This is probably a disappointment for the streaming platform because it seems like the subscribers aren’t there. In Germany, it is the fifth most watched series on Netflix. Not enough for The streaming giant agrees to produce BioHackers season 3 but the rankings can change quickly !

Is the premiere date of season 3 of Biohackers already planned by Netflix?

So you understood that before trying to anticipate Biohackers season 3 release date on Netflix, the series will first have to be renewed. So far it has started badly, but nothing has been done yet!

The filming of six episodes requires five months of work for the actors, to which obviously must be added the post-production period (editing, mixing, special effects, etc.) which usually lasts four or five months.

This allows us to easily deduce that BioHackers season 3 release date will be early next summer. But for this to be possible, it will first be necessary that Netflix agrees to produce sequel quickly. In addition, the health crisis could affect production of season 3 and unfortunately push back the release date

While you wait to have more information about Biohackers season 3Please know that Virgin River has already been revamped (filming on the sequel will begin in a few days!).