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Bartkowiak: Netflix movie ending explained!

July 29, 2021

Check out the explanation of Bartkowiak’s ending on Netflix!

Bartkowiak is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Tomek Bartkowiak is an MMA fighter with a devastating punch with good chances of leveling up. With his trainer Pawel in his corner and his brother Wiktor cheering him on, Tomek is about to knock out the tattooed and scarred Repec when someone slips a mickey on him.

Bartkowiak is brutally beaten, disgraced for taking drugs, and his trainer loses the large sum of money he had wagered on his son. Tomek retreats to a hut in the mountainous region of Zakopane to treat his wounds, and it is there that Wiktor shows up with an offer to join him in running the Ring, his family-friendly nightclub in Warsaw. But before the noble fighter can even consider his brother’s offer, Wiktor is killed in a brutal high-speed collision, and Tomek finds himself leading the Ring in his absence.

Tomek’s expulsion from the boxing world, the untimely death of his brother, Pawel’s financial ruin and subsequent problems with alcohol, as well as the mysterious offers Tomek receives to buy the Ring – it all has to do with his efforts. A murky conglomerate to build a gleaming office tower in Warsaw’s old district, where the club and many family businesses are located.

Tomek and his girlfriend Dominika decide to face the forces of evil that depend on local businesses and hope to discover who killed their brother. A few headshots later, trouble leads straight to the sinister Kolodziejczyk, who is also Repec’s uncle, the tattooed fighter. Other troubles await our hero and his little cohort, but no one as noble as Tomek Bartkowiak will let himself be brought down in one fell swoop. If you want to know the explanation of the end of Bartkowiak, keep reading!

Explanation of the end of Bartkowiak!

A powerful individual, the leader of the Fieldstar group, has commissioned a notorious hit man, Rafał Kołodziejczyk, and his nephew Konrad Repec, to empty the neighborhood by any means possible. When Tomek refused to sell his club, Kolodziejczyk and his men pursued him with all their might. He tried to demolish Tomek’s Ring Club, but Tomek called his MMA friends to defend themselves.

Tomek quickly realized that they all worked for Kolodziejczyk and that he had both justice and the system in his pocket. Tomek, Dominika, and Pawel were helpless. Repec killed Tomek’s friends and wounded Pawel. Later he attacked Dominika. However, Tomek saved her and her entire fight and confession was recorded by the new video and audio camera system installed at the club.

Tomek thought Dominika’s boss Irek would help them against Rafał Kołodziejczyk, but the invertebrate individual had already planned to flee. At Irek’s, Kołodziejczyk kidnapped Dominika, but Tomek was saved by his trainer Pawel. Chojecki, Steppy D’s doorman, helped the duo save Dominika from the Kołodziejczyk mansion.

end of Bartkowiak's explanation

Ultimately, Tomek murdered Konrad and his uncle, Kołodziejczyk, thus ending the vengeful agitation. Three months later, Pawel revamped his gym, got sober, and began training the boys for the ring. Tomek became a regular visitor to the shrine, arriving wearing boxing gloves donated by his late brother, Wiktor.

Terribly behaving, the leader of the Fieldstar group shouldn’t have let go of his trading tower so quickly. However, it can be speculated that Tomek was able to download a video of Repec’s confession recorded by a closed-circuit television camera.

As it was already noted twice in the movie that Tomek was a famous MMA fighter, the clip would have garnered the necessary media coverage. To avoid any further scandal, the Fieldstar group could have abandoned the project to build its ambitious Wozny tower.