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Awake: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation! What moral?

June 9, 2021

Check out the explanation of the ending of Awake on Netflix! Resurrection mechanism, etc.

Awake is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Most people have experienced a sleepless night before, but the apocalyptic thriller Netflix awake take this experience to a whole new level. When a mysterious event causes a blackout and prevents people from sleeping, single mother Jill realizes that her daughter Matilda, who can still sleep, may have the answers that could save the world.

Of course, with no one asleep, critical thinking on the wane, and paranoia on the rise, things quickly turn ugly as Jill tries to find a way to protect her family while searching for answers. And as Jill’s cognitive functions deteriorate because she doesn’t sleep, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to understand what is happening, and as a result, it is increasingly difficult for the public to follow him.

But don’t worry if you fell asleep or just struggled to keep up with the increasingly disoriented narrative, find out. the explanation of the end of Awake !

Explanation of the ending of Awake on Netflix!

It turns out that Jill was right not to trust Dr. Murphy. As soon as the psychologist finds out about Matlida, she is ready to open the girl’s head. But despite a lack of sleep, Jill manages to save her daughter as chaos descends to the center. Everyone hallucinates and goes crazy, which is not an ideal situation for a military base full of automatic rifles.

Then Noah, Jill’s son, in a state of lack of sleep, gets electrocuted. Jill and Matilda rush to revive him with a defibrillator, but it doesn’t seem to work. The night spends in a whole blood bath. Most of them died downtown, but Jill, clinging to Noah’s body, is still alive. Then all of a sudden, Noah wakes up. He is alive ! Either the defibrillator resuscitated him late, or revived him instantly. But he was so tired that he fell asleep immediately.

Matilda discovers a sheriff’s badge on the ground and remembers that she nearly drowned at the beginning of the movie in that car accident, but was brought back to life by a police officer with a heart massage. She realizes that she and Noah are really dead and have come back to life. Dying and coming back to life must be the remedy for this “no sleep” story. Presumably the old woman who could sleep also died, but was resurrected.

Following this logic, they take Jill into the water and drown her. They pull her out of the water and Noah begins resuscitation. The camera zooms into Jill’s lifeless eyes and then turns black. Then we hear Jill gasp. So the moral of the story is that there is no cure except to die and hope to revive and during this time all of humanity turns into selfish, murderous bastards. Sinister.

awake final explanation

What should we understand?

If you remember correctly, at the beginning of the movie, the local priest tells young Matilda about the moment when he overdosed and was dead for a minute before coming back to life, just like Jesus! And the final image of Gina Rodríguez drowning in water looks a lot like a baptism.

There is also the story that Shamier Anderson’s character Dodge tells about a theory from his grandmother. All the problems in the world could be gone in a generation if everyone could forget about all the troublesome things they learned and start over.

As for the world event, we are vaguely told that it is a solar flare that has changed the way technology works and also the way sleep works. Silence, don’t overthink it. These different pieces of the puzzle don’t quite fit together. But basically, Gina Rodríguez and her children survived a mass extinction. They will likely be among the few humans living in a whole new world. But at least they can sleep.