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Awake – Find out the release date and first information (Netflix)

June 9, 2021

The new sci-fi film, directed by Mark Raso and produced by Paul Schiff, will launch on the streaming platform. This is an American post-apocalyptic thriller featuring a former military man.

The original creation Awake follows Gina Rodríguez as a former soldier named Jill. The planet is affected by a large blackout similar to a solar flare. So this means that all electronic devices and objects are no longer working and people have lost their way, especially the ability to fall asleep. Jill will have to protect her children from this world plunged into chaos after this great accident.

Wake Up: Netflix Release Date Is Coming Soon!

The feature film Awake will be online on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 exclusively on the streaming platform. Filming for the original creation began in August 2019, but the film’s release was delayed due to the pandemic.

Is the cast of the series up to the task?

The main character will be played by famous actress Gina Rodríguez, who played Jane on the hit series Jane The Virgin. Other cast members Jennifer Jason Leigh (Atypical), Finn Jones (Iron fist), Barry’s Pepper (The Titanic), Ariana Greenblatt (Love and monsters), Frances Fisher (A matter of the heart) and Shamier Anderson (Soulmates).

What time will Awake be available on Netflix?

The original creation will be published on the streaming platform at 9:01 am both in Spain and in Spain or Germany. But with jet lag, you will have full access to the episodes at 8:01 am in the UK and at midnight in the US.

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