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Assassination Classroom Season 2: Final Explanation!

August 9, 2021

Discover the explanation for the end of Assassination Classroom season 2!

Assassination Classroom is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 2, keep reading! One of Japan’s most beloved animated series, it ended on a high note and brought us all to tears with its emotional ending and heartbreaking scenes. To find out when season 3 will be released, read this.

We don’t have enough words to tell you how amazing and wonderful the ending was and how the creators placed equal importance on each individual character alongside the main character, Koro-sensei, and ended the series on an extremely strong note that we cannot help ourselves. but go over one more time.

The genre of this series is science fiction action comedy and is initially based on a manga series of the same name, illustrated and written by Yusei Matsui. To have all the answers to your questions about Assassination Classroom Season 2 ends, read on!

Assassination Classroom Season 2 Ending Explained

The last part ofAssassination classroom it is one of the most heartbreaking. In episode 24, Koro Sensei is weakened by his fight against Yanagisawa and Reaper. Reluctantly, the students decide to kill him themselves. Koro Sensei says goodbye to Karasuma and Irina as his beloved students stop him.

The scene becomes more emotional when Koro-Sensei makes one last call, recalling his great experience as a teacher. Nagisa is seen to appear reluctant as she trembles with a knife in her hand. But Koro Sensei calms him down and allows him to deliver the fatal blow to the heart. Koro Sensei’s body glows and the students cry, knowing that Koro Sensei has left them.

Finally, the anime ends with the graduation of the students. When the students go to their classroom, they find their diplomas, their graduation albums and the personalized guide that Koro Sensei left behind. Class 3-E’s time as Koro-Sensei’s students is coming to an end.

All students in class 3-E attend their graduation ceremony. Nagisa discovers there that Koro Sensei helped her parents get back together, which is one of the sentimental scenes. As soon as the event ends, several journalists try to contact them to interview them and learn more about the murder. The students in class A intervene with the journalists and make sure their former rivals leave without causing a scandal.

assassination classroom season 2 finale

Subsequently, various changes take place, such as that of the headmaster of the school who leaves his post, and even the school itself that undergoes a changing of the guard. The anime also shows Karasuma and Irina moving on with their lives. With the passage of time, we see that the class 3-E system was finally abolished.

The students also received the prize money. They use this money to buy the rights to the old campus, donate to schools and kindergartens, and give it to the government. They also set aside a fair share of the costs of living and education.

The anime takes a seven-year time jump. After seven years, the characters meet in the old school building to catch up. It shows how eager they are to recall their old memories and share the new ones. Nagisa is just a former student who does not attend the school meeting.

He’s busy teaching his own class of seemingly incurable criminals. He appears to be working as a trainee teacher at a municipal school. The anime shows Nagisa using Koro Sensei’s teaching skills to straighten out his class of delinquents.