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Army Of Thieves: Where was it filmed? Filming locations, etc.

October 29, 2021

Find out where the Army Of Thieves movie was filmed on Netflix! Filming locations, etc.

Army Of Thieves is now available on Netflix! If you want to know where Army Of Thieves was filmed, keep reading! Army of thieves is a prequel to Army of the Dead. The story takes place in the early days of the zombie pandemic, six years before the events of the Zack Snyder movie.

As the streets of Las Vegas fill with the walking dead, Europeans can only watch the situation unfold on television. Army Of Thieves is basically Dieter’s origin story. He has yet to become the brilliant and confident vault-breaker that he is in Army Of The Dead. If you are wondering where Army Of Thieves was filmed, we tell you everything!

Where was Army Of Thieves filmed on Netflix? Filming locations, etc.

Schweighöfer and the rest of the film crew turned into an army of thieves in various locations in Europe, including Prague, Hallstatt, Austria, and Obersalzberg, Germany. Other locations in the Czech Republic were also used to shoot scenes for the movie.

In addition, it is likely that some scenes were filmed in Paris, since the French capital plays a fundamental role in the narrative. The production of Army of thieves ended in December 2020.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, a central European country, was the main Army Of Thieves filming location. Several famous landmarks of the city appear in the film, including the Vyšehrad railway bridge. The famous St. Vitus Cathedral also appears in Schweighöfer’s film.

where army of thieves was filmed

Other locations in the Czech Republic, such as Mariánské lázně, Slapy, Hýskov, Stará Huť, Vinařice, Vrané nad Vltavou and the Velká Amerika quarry, were also used to film various scenes for the film.

The picturesque Austrian town of Hallstatt is a location important for Army of thieves. The water scenes in the film were shot in and around Hallstätter See or Lake Hallstatt.

Obersalzberg is a mountain refuge located in the German state of Bavaria. The scenes involving the armored truck were filmed in this popular resort town.

In the film there is a still shot of the Eiffel Tower. At least some images from the film were shot in the City of Light.