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Army Of Thieves: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation!

October 29, 2021

Watch the explanation of the end of Army Of Thieves on Netflix!

Army Of Thieves is now available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Netflix just released Army of thieves And we can’t help but smile The film is the prequel to Army Of The Dead and follows The Heist of a Lifetime starring Ludwig Dieter. If you want to know where the movie was shot, read this.

We are told about four legendary safes made by Hans Wagner, a talented locksmith, that have their roots in Norse mythology. The Rheingold, Valkyrie, Siegfried, and Götterdämmerung are the chests that make up the mysterious Ring cycle and can only be solved by those who are truly worthy of its secrets.

Ludwig Dieter, a genius vault-breaking genius, sees his mediocre life turned upside down when he’s recruited by Gwendoline and her team of international bank robbers. The mission: get through three of Wagner’s vaults before they are out of commission. The Götterdämmerung is the only safe and Wagner’s grave whose exact location is a mystery. If you have completed the movie and have questions about the end of Army Of Thieves, we tell you everything!

How does Sebastian become Ludwig Dieter?

In a comforting conversation, Sebastian shared his childhood memories with Gwendoline. He told him that when he was an excluded child who never really found his place in this world. While the other kids played in the streets, Sebastian took refuge in his own world of a chest piercer and spent long hours improving his skills.

While the other children aspire to be Superman or Batman, a caped superhero, Sebastian idolizes the hero he created, Ludwig Dieter. Gwendoline found Sebastian’s comic book hero charming and probably easy to pronounce. He remembered the name and therefore obtained a new passport for Sebastian under the name Ludwig Dieter.

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Explanation of the end of Army Of Thieves

After being outmatched by their former teammates and when Delacroix approaches, Dieter and Gwendoline attempt to take over the Siegfried. Korina tries to buy them some time, but Delcroix stops her and possibly reveals where Dieter and Gwendoline are headed.

With the safe loaded into the back of a truck, Gwendoline soars through winding mountain roads, Dieter in the back trying to get through the safe, which he does just in time. Sadly, Rolph and Brad, aka Alexis, are waiting for them. Having thwarted them, Gwendoline and Dieter move towards the vanishing point. When they get there, Dieter confesses his feelings for Gwendoline and they kiss. She feels the same, but this happiness does not last long.

Delacroix makes his way to the dock. During the stalemate, Gwendoline negotiates her surrender in exchange for Dieter’s release, which Delacroix accepts. Dieter fled on the ship with some of the money, leaving Gwendoline in the hands of the authorities. They promise to meet again.

To end of Army Of Thieves we see Dieter approached by Scott and Kate Ward. They have the plans for the Gotterdammerung, the safe that Dieter and Gwendoline were to find and open together. Dieter agrees to join them on their quest in zombie-filled Las Vegas. Army of thieves Being the prequel to Army Of The Dead, we knew the story would end here, most likely.