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Arcane (League of Legends): Netflix presents an explosive first teaser

May 4, 2021

Riot Game has been developing a fiction based on the League Of Legends universe for several years. When Netflix managed to secure the rights, the development of the project accelerated. Typically Arcane will launch on the streaming platform next fall.

According to the teaser, the first episodes will focus on Jinx and Vi, two characters who share the same values… The first is a slightly crazy criminal, while Vi is very impulsive and rarely abides by the rules!

The new teaser announces a series in high tension but, sadly, it only lasts 19 seconds. The official League Of Legends channel posted a trailer in October 2019 that featured some elements of the scenario:

With more than one hundred million players around the world, the success of the Netflix original creation is already assured. Maybe the production teams are in the process of developing Season 2 right now, as we’re pretty sure there will be multiple seasons.

The animated series will not be aimed at a young audience, as Greg Street (designer at Riot Games) explained: ” This is not a light series. We explore serious topics and we don’t want children to be disappointed. “.

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