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Antonia Gentry and Madison Bailey join horror movie cast

May 10, 2021

The two actresses from Netflix’s original creations ” External banks “Y” Ginny and Georgia They have been selected to star in a new feature film produced by the creators of To All the Boys I’ve Loved. According to a US media outlet, the project will be titled ” Time cut », And if the name does not inspire you, know that it will be a fiction halfway He shouted Y Return to the future.

Antonia Gentry (Ginny and Georgia) and Madison Bailey (External banks) will play the two fictional heroines whose filming should begin this summer in Canada. The director of the series ” Trinkets (Available on Netflix) goes behind the camera for Time Cut. The story will be written by Michael Kennedy and Sono Patel.

One of the two actresses will have a very tight schedule because Antonia Gentry will also have to participate in the filming of season 2 of Ginny & Georgia that was renewed a few weeks ago. The next episodes ofExternal banks They have all been filmed, so Madison Bailey will have more free time!

No official release date has been announced for Time cutoff, this is quite normal since the script writing has not even started. We can expect to see the first images of the fiction in late 2022 if filming is not interrupted by the epidemic.