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AlRawabi School for Girls Season 1: Final Explanation! Who is dead ?

August 16, 2021

Check out the explanation for the finale of AlRawabi School for Girls Season 1 on Netflix!

AlRawabi School for Girls is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! AlRawabi School for Girls is a teen drama series that focuses on a small group of excluded teenagers who choose to band together to exact revenge on their tormentors. To find out when season 2 will be released, read this.

The second original Arabic drama series by Netflix brings the stories of contemporary Arab girls to life in one of the most authentic ways possible, offering an ever-different view of events through the eyes of various characters. Most importantly, it tackles issues like alienation, friendship, and bullying to show that everyone is inherently good and bad. If you have any questions about the AlRawabi School for Girls season 1 finale, read on!

Final summary

Episode 6 begins one week after the events of the holiday. Rania’s father has gotten angry with her and the girl has a horrible bruise on her eye. Layan remains by her side, though Rania thinks her friend should keep a low profile and not worry about seeing Laith just yet.

Although Mariam feels sorry for Rania, she will go ahead with her revenge, turning away from Dina and Noaf and walking the hallways with determined stride. In fact, it turns out that he overheard a conversation between Layan and Rania earlier in the bathroom, which gives him ammunition to go after Laith and Ms. Faten.

As Ms. Faten prepares to receive an honorary award for her behavior, Layan skips school again to spend time with Laith. Mariam is determined to seize this opportunity, remembering Dina and Noaf.

But his friends won’t let him pass without a fight and are determined to stop Mariam before she does something wrong. Rania warns Mariam that bad things will happen if she sends this message, drawing attention to Layan’s brother’s gun and the danger this family poses.

Rania begs him to stop and even offers to leave her alone if he does. Mariam makes her decision and sends the message, despite the ramifications it will have. At the end of the episode, Mariam goes from being bullied to being a bully, taking Layan’s place as headmaster of the school, leaving the field wide open for a possible second season. However, the episode also leaves us with some questions that beg for answers.

What happened to the gun? Who is dead ?

One of the main points of contention concerns the confrontation in Laith. Since all of this happened off-screen, it suggests that no one died and that this is just a red herring. It could be that Laith or Layan tackled Hazem and by doing so he was shooting blindly in no particular direction.

It seems unlikely that Hazem killed his own sister, leaving the only other possibility that he killed Laith. Either way, we won’t get any answers this season. Personally, we are more inclined to follow the first theory: no one died and it was just a warning shot.

end of alrawabi school

AlRawabi School For Girls Season 1 Ending Explained

While waiting to hear the outcome of Who’s Likely Dead, Mariam takes Layan’s place as the queen bee at the school, completing her arc, which has gone inexorably downward throughout all six episodes. Ironically, he has less reason to behave around Layan, Rania, or Ruqayya, who have been driven into extreme misbehavior due to complicated family dynamics and social anxieties.

In many ways, this story speaks to them and helps us understand that bullying, horrible as it is, does not happen in a vacuum. Even those who bully others are people, who often criticize their own problems to someone other than themselves.

Mariam’s arc showed how a seemingly complete and “normal” person can become a villain due to circumstances, while the other girls have learned several difficult lessons on their own.