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Aftermath: Netflix movie ending explained! Dani, Otto, etc.

August 5, 2021

Watch Aftermath’s ending explanation on Netflix! Dani and Otto, are you staying at the house?

Aftermath is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Although this is not a Netflix original movie, Aftermath It’s the kind of movie that could be a huge hit on the streaming service.

The thriller stars Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore as Natalie and Kevin, a couple trying to save their marriage and decide the best way to do it is to move into a new home.

They only know this house because Kevin works as a crime scene cleaner and recently worked there after a gruesome murder-suicide involving former residents. It doesn’t seem like a promising start to a new beginning and it turns out quickly after Natalie and Kevin move in.

Strange things start to happen almost immediately, in keeping with classic haunted house tropes, like your dog Odi barking in front of an empty closet and objects disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. If you have any questions about the aftermath ending, keep reading!

Aftermath ending explained

Scared and paranoid, Natalie goes to see Claudia to learn more about the bloody history of the house. Thanks to Claudia, Natalie learns that the previous owners of the house were Jay, Claudia’s brother, and his wife, Erin. Jay was not loyal to Erin and Erin considered revenge. Erin apparently had an affair with someone whose identity is shrouded in mystery. However, Claudia still seems to believe that Jay liked Erin too much.

As she leaves the house, Natalie confronts Robert. Robert’s words of contempt for Natalie are a not-so-subtle threat, and we think Robert may have something to do with the mysterious events in the house. Things got worse after Odi was sprayed with a poisonous substance.

After Odi, Kevin falls ill from the same substance and, from talking to the doctor, Natalie knows that the substance is Nerium, a poisonous flower that commonly grows in gardens. Natalie is attacked by one Travis Murray, and the police have evidence that Robert Sorrentino circulated a post describing Natalie as a lonely wife with BDSM fetishes.

The police arrest Robert, but the mystery doesn’t end there. For a while we think Natalie is hallucinating, but only later in the story do we find out that this guy exists. This is Otto, the person who saw Natalie while she was sleeping and poisoned Kevin and the dog.

We understand that Otto is Erin’s secret lover, who remains in a dungeon under the house, allegedly arranged by Erin. Erin apparently betrayed him by keeping him locked in the dungeon, which explains his current neurotic state.

Natalie calms Otto with seductive words, but when Otto sees Kevin enter the house, we feel that Kevin’s life is in danger. Natalie asks Otto to attack Kevin, promising that they can be together once the action is done. When Otto ventures out in search of Kevin, Natalie has time to free herself from her shackles. Otto fights Kevin, but Natalie distracts his attention.

As he goes downstairs to take care of Natalie, Kevin sneaks up behind him and gives Otto some of his own medicine. Natalie stabs him in the neck with a pair of scissors, and as the police rush out of the house in the next shot, we feel like Otto is dead.

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What does the family do in the end?

The epilogue begins with a one-month time jump. After the devastating encounter with Otto, Natalie is still a bit in shock. We see that the couple now have a new dog. Previously, we had seen Natalie asking Kevin to sell that damn house and move in, but Kevin turned her down saying they were under significant financial stress. But now, with Natalie’s business finally taking off, we believe they have no financial problems paying the mortgage.

Therefore, the purpose of the film sees the couple moving out of the house. They say goodbye to the crime scene showing their middle finger and the movie reaches the scheduled end. The aftermath ending It’s decidedly comical, but after the series of sinister events unfolding on the premises of the house, we don’t think it’s safe for Kevin or Natalie to stay in the house any longer.

Also, in the final shot, the door closes on its own, indicating a supernatural presence. So maybe they are making the right decision by leaving the property.