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A Classic Horror Story: Ending Explanation Is Elisa Alive?

July 15, 2021

Watch the explanation of the ending of a classic horror story on Netflix! Elisa, Bloodflix, etc.

A classic horror story is now available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli direct and co-write this story of a group of misclassified people who come across a series of references to horror movies. I have the impression that this is an opportunity for directors to indulge in clichés to upset them.

Elisa uses a carpooling service in a motorhome driven by Fabrizio, a sweaty jerk who makes travel videos for his travel blog. It requires brief introductions from the passengers: Elisa, a soft-spoken student. Sofia, a young generic blonde, and her bossy and sociable English boyfriend Mark and Riccardo, a 40-year-old doctor. The journey goes smoothly, all the characters arrive safely at their respective destinations, and they all live happily ever after.

The motorhome swerves to avoid a dead goat on the road and crashes into a tree, and when everyone approaches, the vehicle is not on the side of the road, but in a field, in a wooded clearing, near a spooky wood. house where there is no telephone network and a path leads to a place in the forest.

When they arrive at the house, they find haunting old photos of people with animal skulls on their faces and a little girl with her tongue cut out inside a small prison made of straw. If you want to see the movie, go ahead! If you have already completed it and want to know An explanation of the ending of a classic horror story, keep reading!

Explanation of the end of a classic horror story

Fabrizio is frustrated that his plan is discovered, and Elisa later witnesses a strange meal in which all his torturers dine together under the eyes of a woman who is part of the local mob. Then Fabrizio explains to Elisa that he is making a movie and that gruesome violence is the most popular type of content that people want to see. However, while preparing to film her final scenes, Elisa escapes and shoots her, along with Chiara, whom she discovers to be her accomplice. Elisa is also filmed murdering Fabrizio, stating that the movie now has a fitting ending.

Then he manages to get out of the forest and finds himself on a crowded beach. As bathers are speechless at her bloody appearance, she throws herself into the sea, bleeding profusely. Then the movie changes perspective on itself, and we see a man sitting in the dark watching the same movie that we just saw on a website called Bloodflix. He gave the movie an unfavorable rating and logged out of the site.

Bloodflix’s gruesome streaming platform is in fact a game on Netflix, which is the platform on which A classic horror story he left. The interesting breaking of the fourth wall, where the film essentially acknowledges its own existence as a movie on a streaming platform, results in a darkly funny ending and somehow reminds us viewers of our fixation on blood and gore. .

The end of a classic horror story Aware of his own reality, he makes us laugh for the last time when the viewer of Bloodflix in the film gives him a “thumbs down” after watching just a few scenes.

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Is Elisa alive?

Throughout the film, she conflicts with her impending miscarriage, which seems to be more of her mother’s idea than hers. It seems that, in the end, she decided to keep the child, because she affectionately caresses her uterus. Her bleeding comes from holes made in her hands to nail her to a chair, which, while painful, is unlikely to be fatal to heroin.

Also, the fact that a large crowd of bathers come to see an injured young woman walking in the sea means that sooner or later someone will take her out of there to make sure she is okay. The fate of Elisa’s character in the end of a classic horror story, after overcoming strange and hideous obstacles, it is one of endurance, as far as we can say with virtual certainty that it survives. The fate of your baby, due to the injuries and trauma he suffers, is more uncertain.