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Twitter is fooled by a wild parody on Leonardo DiCaprio

January 16, 2022

Many on Twitter were fooled by a savage tweet about Leonardo DiCaprio. The Oscar-winning actor was introduced as a closet fan Star Wars this week after Don’t Look Up co-star Jonah Hill revealed Leo forced him to watch The Mandalorian during filming. Although it is a fact that the icon titanic loves gorging on Baby Yoda like the rest of us, another DiCaprio story tied to Star Wars circulating online right now is definitely not.

Satirical Twitter account @LeCinephiles shared a viral joke tweet over the weekend claiming DiCaprio asked ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone to watch the entire saga Star Wars while playing with a toy lightsaber on what the actress and model apparently called the “worst date of my life.” It’s a hilarious gag, but the problem is most people don’t realize it’s fake and take the tweet at face value.